5 Ways To Understand How People Think

by DianeSawyer on January 7, 2013

5 Ways To Understand How People ThinkDid you happen to have a quarrel with your boyfriend and because of some stupid reasons you two broke up? Now you are sad, you feel sorry for everything you have told him and it seems like there is nothing left to say except for tears to be shed. You surely need 5 ways to understand how people think, as you cannot stay and wait for ever until he finally says a word to you. Mainly if he has stopped looking for you, calling you, sending you text messages and his facebook account has nothing new to tell you about him! You probably think he has chosen to live without you from now on. This is not fair!

How do you feel in this case? Isn’t it true that you feel as if you didn’t matter to him at all? Don’t you feel like you have lost even the least piece of confidence you have in men and there is no argument to make you understand that you haven’t been betrayed? Good. We all feel this way and it is something normal, because we are women!

But there is absolutely nothing to be sorry about and there is no one to be blamed, but there is a high need to take a look on what psychology says about people. We need to clear from the very beginning the fact that there are two types of people: the introverts and the extroverts. Now, starting from this point, I suggest you to make a list with several characteristics of both types and see which one is most suitable for your ex.


  1. The first thing one must take into account when it comes to dealing with introverts, is that they need their privacy! And they need it more than anyone. Thus, letting them space to breathe would be a wise movement of yours!
  2. Never put them under pressure! Do not ask them to solve urgent situations within a few minutes, because they will not! Moreover, such a situation would make them very angry! Give them enough time to think and react!
  3. And just because we were talking about allowing them to think over the decisions they are about to take, they also need to be listened to when they have something to say. They become angry when they are being interrupted and if you don’t let them finish their ideas, you may be negatively surprised by their behavior!
  4. Help them find one best friend to share their time, life and interests with and they will be very happy. Why? The reason is simple. Introverts do not need many people to make them happy, they only need one special person to be on their side and everything is perfect for them!
  5. Showing respect for their introversion is extremely important, as there will not be any other attempts of yours to turn them into extroverts! Don’t even bother!

Now, as we have obtained a rather obvious image of how introverts think and the way they act, let’s take a look on extroverts and see the differences!


  1. Extroverts need independence! If introverts were calling for privacy, extroverts definitely cry from independence! Do not put too many questions, do not ask them to share with you everything they do, because they will not!
  2. It is highly important that you appreciate extroverts in front of the other people, you make them compliments, you put them into a positive light!
  3. Extroverts need to be encouraged, accepted and supported in everything they are doing. It doesn’t mean that you are going to turn into one of their servants, but they would appreciate you if you were one of their fans.
  4. One should not forget about extroverts’ need to be understood when they are too overwhelmed with responsibilities. If they are busy, do not hurry them and be patient enough until they are ready to attend you in their office!
  5. Allow introverts to shine and be glamorous, because this is what puts their personality into value! Do not blame them for their need to be in the center of attention, as they find this position normal to their well-being!

These 5 reasons to understand how people think have been shown to you from two different perspectives, so that you can understand what is important for extroverts and what counts a lot for introverts. Thus you will know what to put an accent on and where to stop when trying to have a dialogue with one of them and want to obtain a certain answer!

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