92 Year Old Goes Wall Street

by Dan Rather on October 23, 2011

Photo of Pete Seeger 92 Year Old Wall Street Protester

Pete Seeger, New York "Occupy Wall Street"

It all started a month ago with a small group of people but has now grown a lot bigger. The protestors are protesting social and economic inequality. With their slogan, “We are the 99%” they are bent on making sure that greed especially corporate greed is dealt with accordingly. They were joined by the 92 year old Pete Seeger as they marched over 30 blocks from the Symphony Space to Columbus Circle. They walked and chanted “We are the 99 per cent” and “We are unstoppable, another world is possible.”

Pete Seeger, together with Tao Rodriguez Seeger, composer David Amram and bluesman Guy Davis shouted, sang and chanted with the crowd of about 1,000 people. While in the circle, the ninety two year old with his friends were joined by Arlo Guthrie a 60s folk singer, where they sung “we shall overcome”, a protest anthem made popular by Pete Seeger.

By the look of things the crowd will keep on growing and growing. Though this is all for a worthy cause, many occupants in the area say that the crowd should relocate. This is mainly because of public urinating and noise in the middle of the night. This is for sure a reason not to be happy with the crowd, but the crowd is not about to move. We are bound to see the crowd on Wall Street get a lot bigger.

This surely means a lot for the politics of the country. The demonstrations are not only taking place in New York’s Zuccotti Park, they are also happening in other U.S cities such as Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago. To be quite honest, politicians are really confused about the whole Occupy Wall Street movement. The point that is clearly being made by the protests is that people are really frustrated with the riling economic situation. With democrats supporting the cause of the Occupy Wall Street movement, it is best that they do not co-opt the movement. If they do so, they will make things worse for themselves. The big question that is on every politicians mind at this point is whether the movement will have any long lasting political consequences. All we can do right now is just to wait and see.

As for my personal opinion on the cause and how far the protests will go, all I can say is that politicians should be ware. With the election date closing in fast, these demonstrations will go a long way in changing the outcome in the 2012 elections. One thing that you can be sure will happen is that the election results will be largely influenced by the protests that are currently going on.

It is with this movement that maybe we will see changes in just how the economy shapes up. Our future may be changing in new and amazing ways. All we can do for now is hope and pray that our economy changes only for the best. For now, we can only be sure that Pete Seeger’s protest anthem; “we shall overcome” will continue attracting more and more supporters.

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