A Lynching in San Diego by the Ladies of San Diego! Well Done

by Jackson Vanderbilt on August 24, 2013

Bob Filner2

I’m so sorry Mr. Filner that you are leaving your Post as Mayor.  NOT





Strong women


Congratulations to the 18+ Ladies of San Diego and the tremendous supporters of the cause to get rid of this disease, crook, numskull, brainless, looser and most notably “ a sexual harassment-arian”.  Take note: That’s not tolerated here in San Diego. Well Done San Diego.

Strong women 2

The Balls of this dude to think he had a chance to remain in office.. What was he thinking. Opps, He wasn’t!, at least with the correct brain.. In fact we all know that was his demise he used the wrong brain to make proper judgments and choices.

From NBC News:


What Bob said: DUDE….Hello Wake up man…

At first, Filner blamed his own personal failures for his downfall. Then he turned defiant, describing the atmosphere around City Hall in the last six weeks as the hysteria of a lynch mob.

“Not one allegation, members of the council, has been independently verified or proven in court. I’ve never sexually harassed anyone,” the mayor said of the numerous allegations from more than a dozen women. Filner has been accused of grabbing, groping, kissing and making crude comments to women when he was mayor and a U.S. Congressman.

“To all the women that I’ve offended. I had no intention to be offensive, to violate any physical or emotional space. I was trying to establish personal relationships. But the combination of akwardness and hubris led to behavior that many found offensive,” he said.

Do these remarks reflect a sane individual?  I think not. In fact, it’s criminal and abuse of power.

Who picks up the bill for this looser?  You guessed it.. The San Diego tax payer.. Could be worse…

From NBC News:


Here are the basic details: Agreement to rid San Diego of Filner..

  • In possible claims against the city/Filner involving current and former employees, volunteers or contractors, the city will provide a joint legal defense for the city and Filner through the City Attorney’s Office. (This is BS.. Filner shouldn’t get City Funds for his Crap)

  • Under the agreement, the city will dismiss its cross-complaint filed against Filner in the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Irene McCormack Jackson. (Cool, Hopefully Ms. Allred will stick it to him.. We all know he deserves the best)

  • The City of San Diego also agreed to pay no more than $98,000 total cap for any outside counsel Filner retains for advice. (This should come out of Mr Filner’s personal assets! I say BS)

  • The City can also seek reimbursement from Filner for any damages it is forced to pay arising out of the mayor’s alleged sexual harassment conduct. (This is one the better agreements)

  • The agreement does not include criminal charges, if any. (This is one of the not so good agreements)

  • Filner is not excused from repayment of unauthorized expenditures owed to the City. (With double the Interest )

  • The agreement does not include claims made against Filner based on conduct that may have occurred outside his capacity as mayor. (This is scary,  Nice CYA)

Good luck San Diego, and job well done Ladies.  I hope you feel safer and a bit vindicated.. I know he should be locked up and the key thrown away.. I’m telling you that.


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