A Paranormal Tale

by Howard K. Smith on September 15, 2011

Paranormal Activity ending is usually Death.

A Paranormal Ghost is a shocking apparition witnessed by believers in Paranormal Creatures.

Supernatural theories evolved around the mystery surrounding death. And in this uncharted territory of death lies our greatest fear, of a phenomenon that defies the conventional laws of nature; a fear that is as ancient as the history of mankind itself. Ranging from spirits, ghosts, poltergeists to the mystifying concepts of doppelgangers, varying forms of paranormal existences have been haunting our thoughts since centuries. And whether it’s the religious belief of ‘troubled souls of the dead’ or modern theories of mystifying electromagnetic fields detected in graveyards and old castles, the mystery of paranormal haunting is far from being solved. In the crowd of doubtful believers and non-believers, there are also people who have no second thoughts on the paranormal phenomenon. These people claim that they have witnessed shocking apparitions and been exposed to the moments of utter terror, others claim that they have stared right into the eye of these supernatural wanderers. Yet these elusive apparitions and alleged haunting have managed to evade the mainstream attention. Is it that these ghosts of afterlife don’t want our attention? Else, why are they so silent?

Science tells us nothing about supernatural happenings. It disagrees of course (in lack of proof) but is unable to explain numerous accounts of paranormal events. For instance, the unlikely presence of magnetic fields in buildings with gruesome past is beyond the scope of conventional science. People visiting such sites of paranormal frequencies often mention a sudden feeling of chillness starting from the back of neck and spreading through the spine. This is supposedly accompanied with a morbid sense of fear without any reasonable visible or physical cues. So, are these supernatural forces no more than clusters of residue energies? Or is it just the way we are meant to perceive their entirety?

A hypothesis on paranormal entity is based on the existence of parallel realities. It states that we perceive only those things that are in sync with the limited frequency level of our senses. It essentially means that such entities habitat an entirely different plane of reality that keeps them invisible to the normal world. According to this belief, when a person dies, the remains of his consciousness enter into a different plane of reality where it wanders for eternity. However, the integrity of this consciousness is questionable; these spirits supposedly can’t perceive or feel as we do so don’t behave in a manner as we deem rational. The concept of parallel reality has also been explored by astrophysicists in relation to the possibility of parallel universes. However, unlike the limitations of theoretical astronomy, some believe that it is actually possible to breach the frequency barrier and enter into the supernatural plane. It is said that in the ancient days, tribal shamans actually knew the method to enter into the world of spirits. The knowledge faded over time and consequently this entire debate got overshadowed with modernization and scientific evolution.

A chief obstacle of proving paranormal existence is the lack of clear differentiation between the reality of a situation and our psychological version of it. The modern psychological belief that human brain can actually mistake virtual events for reality further challenges this quest. Modern paranormal researchers thus find themselves wedged in a whole new dilemma of reality. Is it happening inside or outside our brain? Meanwhile, the paranormal mystery slithers through the dark alleys of unanswerable questions. But, why are the spirits silent? If they do exist, will they someday announce their existence in a more obvious manner?

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