A Reason To Celebrate Or Not?

by Dan Rather on July 15, 2011

Protester holding a sign: Deport Illegal Immigrants

Deport yourself, asshole!

Recently president Obama’s administration announced that the U.S. will now focus its deportation efforts on illegal immigrants with criminal records or those who pose a threat to national security. The new rules outline ways for those facing deportation, but having no criminal record, to remain in the U.S. and even apply for a work permit. This for sure has elicited various responses from various stakeholders. Let’s start off with the activists, for sure they celebrated the news and said that they would further press the president for even more pro-immigration action. For sure for every laugh there is a cry. Opponents on the other hand, including Republican lawmakers called it a massive amnesty plan.

The pro- immigration activists immediately lauded the move. Under the policy change, some 300,000 deportation cases will be heard on a case by case basis. Those who have committed crimes will be deported and those who haven’t will be able to apply for work visa.  Considering Obama in July addressed the Council of La Raza saying he couldn’t change immigration policy without the approval of congress this for sure is a collective move by congress.

In as much as I am forced to think that this is a collective move by congress, I can’t help but think that in the light of the oncoming elections his only way to stay in office is by delivering more welfare entitlements to millions of the poor and those who sun employment and low income earners. These come from every class of people. Debates have now been renewed on what to do about the over twenty million illegal aliens estimated to be in the United States. There is undeniable evidence that aliens both legal and illegal are registering and voting in federal, state and local elections. For example in the mayor’s race in Compton, California, non-citizens testified under oath in court that they voted in this election. This would never have been discovered except for the fact that it was a very close election and the incumbent mayor, who lost by ales than three hundred votes, contested it.

Non – citizen voting is liable to grow at the same rate as the illegal foreign national population in the United States. With this sorry state it is likely that Obama in his re-election bid with the help of his administration was able to appeal to this large population.

What you don’t know is that the number keeps on growing. You won’t believe how many illegal aliens have settled in America. Twenty million illegal aliens are living in the United States and the number is still growing and after the current directive that will see only those who have criminal records being deported back to their countries. The rest of the monstrous population will be left hiding away from the authorities, spending taxpayer’s money and documents to get even American jobs. This is quite unfair to the jobless American where these immigrants take up more than eight million jobs. I just hope that Obama’s administration is aware of the implications of these decisions.


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