A Stalker Breaks Into Madonna’s London Home

by Howard K. Smith on July 26, 2011

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Madonna's body at over 40

A 29-year old Polish national, Grzegorz Matlok, has been arrested and charged for burglary over the weekend when he broke through a window into the home of Madonna, the Material Girl, who was away to Michigan to attend the funeral of her granny. The arrested man has not been found to steal anything yet, but has been found to be a stalker who wanted to get to the famous and wealthy singer at all costs to his life. And following this incidence, a security detail had confided in the police that Grzegorz Matlok had tried several times in the past to get at the 52-year old Madonna.

This underlies the fact that many people would want to get at this Material Girl for whatever silly ideas that haunt their heads. This is not the first time stalkers have been on the heels of Madonna. Several times in the past, stalkers had nearly gotten to him, and one was even shot by a security detail when he scaled a wall to get into Madonna’s home. This happened at her Hollywood Hills home in 1996 when a man kept stalking her here and there, and when the man actually got desperate and could not get to his quarry, he scaled the wall of her house and bodyguards had to shoot him to stop him. The stalker was later charged for felony stalking and then given a 10-year imprisonment sentence.

Another case that also caught the public eye was in September 2010 when yet another stalker was arrested around her home in Manhattan. The man had two knives on him, and this signified that he had intent to hurt her one way or the other. Several other cases abound of people who stalk Madonna for whatever design that caught their fancy, and this has made her to further strengthen her bodyguards and security details for security effectiveness. But some experts have stressed the fact most of these stalkers on failing to get to her because of her bodyguards had often resorted to attempting to break into her home by whatever means, and this begs the question of the security homes. Stalkers break her windows to get in, they scale her wall, or even caught outside her compound – how secured are her homes, in the face of her bodyguards? Or put another way, if anyone could slip to her because her homes are not well secured, would that not undermine the effectiveness of her personal security details or bodyguards?

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