Adele’s music has managed to pull a girl out of a coma. See how it happened

by Alina Andropov on January 11, 2013


That Adele is extremely talented, already convinced us all. That her music is addictive and you want to listen forever, nothing new. But that she managed to wake up a girl out of a deep coma when doctors gave her no more chances of life, is it extraordinary.

Charlotte, aged only 7 years old, suffered a brain haemorrhage and remained in a coma. Doctors have said has no chance to recover, and her mother was preparing to say goodbye.
Her favorite song – “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele began to hear on the radio and her mother began to sing, and in that particular moment, Charlotte … smiled.
“I could not believe it. Nurses told me to sing and she still smiled again,” said her mother.
In a few days, little girl, suffering several strokes after bleeding, managed to get out of bed. After a few sessions of physiotherapy and speech therapy, even managed to go home.
It was as if they would be given restart. When she got home, the first thing she said was “home sweet home”, said her mother.

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