Always Late With Bills? Read On!

by Dan Rather on August 22, 2011

Dollar Bills for Strippers

Wondering why you're past due with your bills?

“Man is to err” or “err is to man”, whoever said that was right but didn’t know the implications of the same. In this particular context it becomes a costly affair to be constantly late with paying your bills, the electricity, water, loan repayment, mortgage, you name it. The list just goes on and on. You must be wondering by now what I’m trying to get at, it’s not anything new as you are imagining. The bottom line is when you are late with bills you are going to pay more because of preventable fees. This is just but a tip of the ice berg; it can also lead to loss of valuable assets to a person leading to sleepless nights and painful headaches. “What if I forget?” you may ask, were all human. I do few tips that will help you to be ahead with your bills.

Keep a diary and a calendar that is easily accessible to you. This will help you keep track of dates and when setting dates for you to pay off the dates put these dates at least five working days before the deadline to avoid paying them late. With the calendar you should order your bills in order of priority with regard to the due date. This helps you to keep up with everything that’s important to you. By doing this and setting time aside from your busy schedule it ensures a habit that ensures you pay your bills on time. Keep all your bills in one convenient location. Instead of just arriving home and throwing the bill all over or just getting them from your mail and stuffing them in your pocket or your purse. Not doing this is only a recipe for disaster and the surest way that you are likely to forget paying the bills. This not only saves you time but lots of loss in the long run.

With our technology you can seek out other means to pay out your bills. Some of your creditors may have provisions for you to pay electronically and even through your phone. Through such options the burden of travelling to the bank or to your creditors premise to settle the debt is cleared and you have a smooth time. Know of all the avenues that you can make payment to your creditor and then use the most appropriate. With these three tips and you’re still falling behind in paying your bills, then you have a procrastinating problem or maybe your income is irregular then the  only way out is for you to pay your bills in advance. You can prepay offer to pay those bills that are recurrent.

Paying your bills on time has a lot of advantages as it establishes a good credit report as this will later on be used when you may be in need of a loan. The creditor will judge from your credit report how much credit to extend to you. The better your credit report, the better your chances for your application to be considered. Paying your bills on time is important if you want to have control over your financial life. Turn the above tips into a habit and you are well on your way to financial freedom.

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