At just 23 years old, a Grammy-nominated Mexican singer has already done 19 plastic surgeries. See how she looks!

by Alina Andropov on January 14, 2013

Belinda Peregrin SchüllBelinda Peregrin Schüll is a real sensation in Mexico, where she has a successful career in both music and television. It seems that beauty is not due entirely singer her genetic heritage.

Belinda was born in Spain, where she emigrated with her parents in Mexico when she was 5. At only 10 years old, little was cast in a series for children, which has enjoyed great success.

She attended music recording 3 albums, which have sold over 3 million copies worldwide and two Latin Grammy Award nominations and also several film projects. In 2008, at age 19, Belinda disappeared for several months of media attention, apparently to prepare a new album.

When she returned, however, star fans noted a number of changes to her. First, Belinda’s nose was considerably smaller. According to Mexican media, the singer has undergone several surgeries to correct the shape of her nose.

Also, the young androgynous silhouette she saw some improvements rumor is that Belinda has made a modest silicone implant to have a more appetizing cleavage and has injected fat rear and thighs.

Although Belinda says that the changes that have occurred on the figure they are the effect of a lot of hours at the gym. magazine “Fama” says the young girl had made no less than 19 plastic surgery to get perfect physique today.

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