Chris Tucker Needs To Rush Now

by Dan Rather on October 14, 2011

Jackie Chan freaks out. OMG

What the hell!?! Jackie Chan freaks out.

What would you do with six million dollars? Buy a Bugatti Veyron or two? Or would you buy a home? A home sounds like a pretty good idea. This is what thirty nine years old, Chris Tucker did. He bought his 1000 square foot waterfront home on Lake Apopka. With a home that clocks up a monthly mortgage payment of over twenty five thousand dollars, you do not expect to have so much to smile about, unless you’re a billionaire. He is facing foreclosure on his home. He owes 4.4 million dollars to SunTrust Bank after falling behind with paying his fees over a couple of years.

The expensive house for sure has a lot to offer, let’s take a look at what amenities the house has. The one thing that you already know is that the house is already huge and quite beautiful. It has a basement designed as a pirate ship. Yes, it has a wooden deck, a mast and even a sail. You surely would not resist living in such a beautiful house. It then has a personal spa, all the massages that come with it and the relaxing moments; this must have drawn him to the house, it sure does it for me. The amenities keep getting better; the house has a pool which is overlooked by an outdoor kitchen. Pause for a moment and picture that right there. This is just the dream house for anyone out there, I’m sure you would also love all that this house has to offer. In this case however, the amenities are causing the Rush Hour star a huge headache.

So what options does he have, the first thing that he should really consider doing is to file for bankruptcy and the next thing that he has to do is to file for bankruptcy if he wants to have a home to speak of. It is quite clear that he doesn’t have a lot of options. Though filing for bankruptcy will be quite embarrassing on his side, he really needs to do it for him to save his property. With a good lawyer, he just might be declared bankrupt and the time frame within which he should repay the amount might be extended or if he is lucky he might see the amount reduced.

If you were in his shoes then you would surely wish yourself out that sticky situation. Let’s just hope that he has something up his sleeve that will go a long way in seeing him retain his house. When it comes to my personal opinion on the whole thing, though I really like his work, I must say that this was really not a wise move. With such a house, you really need a great back up plan for you to be able to adequately cater for a house that has a monthly mortgage fee of over twenty five thousand dollars. I wouldn’t like to be him right now.

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