Comparing the Great Depression of 1929 to The Financial Crisis of 2008 the so called Great Recession which is really a version of the 1929 Great Depression on PED and Steroids.. NO ONE WANTS to DISCUSS IT.. BUT!! Look Around. Feel funny, or can’t you feel it?

by Jackson Vanderbilt on November 19, 2013

Great Depression 1

Back in the day in1929 when things (Mainly the Stock Market Fell)  and there were hard times for people as far as we can tell by what’s been written and spoken about through generations of stories by the folks that lived during that time in history. The stories and the history books tells us the Financial World was a mess then and well what about today in 2013?   Why would people be jumping out of windows when they learned their investments and money depleted to almost nothing because of the CRASH?  We are tied emotionally to our money. When we have it we feel great and if it’s gone we Jump. Human nature PERHAPS. Are we learning anything?  People were jumping out of building? Why?  We’re they on the wrong end of the stick of GREED… Were they manipulated by The Powers to Be.

Greed, a Subconscious Word – or – Conscious Word- Look it up   Ask a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, a con, a manipulator, a trusted friend, a lover, look at yourself..

joker The so called experts that study the science of money – Monetarist’s WTF.. I call them the Plate Spinners …. Ever seen one? it’s a friggin blast to see these guys walking, running around spinning dozens of plates on long sticks to keep all the plates going around and round and round… he keeps adding more and  more plates until “CRASH”  Monetarist’s were blamed for the Great Depression. Not to secure a feeling about the Financial World because of the global spinning of the PLATES of supply and demand…. WOW..

Cause of the Great Depression:

Today 2013 in the Real World if you read the paper (not many do anymore), instead you check your smartphone for the news of the day and you see that shit is really, really bad.. Is it believable?  Who really knows? People aren’t jumping out of building too much, but instead they are hardshipgoing out on mass shooting sprees and after that “They just kill themselves”.. Depressed or Wacked, conscious or unconscious are all fair questions? Yet still a scary situation. Get my point on PED and Steroid’s now? What’s up with that? We’re talking about the 2008 Financial Crisis, but the long term affects are still lingering on- NOW. To This DAY..Today…

Is History repeating itself? Can you say Greed! Can you say Banks! How about Market Manipulators!!!

The situation today in 2013 is interesting that The Powers to Be are also on PED and Steroid’s.. The Financial Sector TO BIG to Fail, The Sly Foxes that represent the Banking World and who have their hands in all the wrong places!! They put a whole new meaning to the Word Greed and puts it into a whole new category with PED and Steroid’s.  Sorry to say but,  The folks that bought a house and took out all the equity in those homes and spent it on (Whatever? You name it?) are not conscious or aware of the Plate Spinner.  I guess if you watched the clip Hopefully you can see it and I hope you don’t see yourself.. I’m Sorry if you do….

I hope that the foxFinancial Foxes that allowed this to happen to you will help you get back on track.. Good Luck.. You – if your house is upside down, you need to take a small amount of responsibility for your situation…I’m blaming the BANKS and the Greedy REPS

I’m just scared or concerned you might be that person that takes out a group of people and then (Yourself with a gun, drugs, or something crazy)

Big Banks and the Globalization of Big Money caused the 2008 Repression.

Cause of the 2008 Financial Collapse:

Numerous aspects conventional as well as in a roundabout way triggered the continuing Economic downturn of 2008 (which commenced mutually with the US sub prime home loan crisis), along with specialists putting various weight loads on specific pointers.

The actual problems lead from the mixture of complicated aspects, such as simple credit settings through the 2002–2008 time frame which motivated high-risk financing as well as appropriation methods without having evaluated default-risk; worldwide industry unbalances; real-estate jots which have subsequently fragmented; financial plan options associated with federal government profits as well as costs; in addition as methods utilized by countries in order to (bail out) the stressed financial industrial sectors and bondholders, ignoring personal financial debt problems.

A story explaining what caused the actual problem started by using the substantial imbalance of savings readily available for investment decision throughout the 2000–2007 time period once the worldwide pool of money associated with fixed-income investments improved from end to end to around $36 trillion during 2000 to about $80 trillion through a 7 year period. This particular “Giant Collection associated with Money” improved by other nations savings through high-growth savings from these countries joining the worldwide funding marketplace. Traders looking for greater returns than provided by U.S. Treasury munitions wanted more options internationally.

HarshThis is a pretty harsh post.. makes you look at where we were, and what we learned about people and their motives back then and a pretty scary view of how things are now.. On PED and Steroid’s.. It gets more and more extreme.. When will we learn and change..

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