Conspiracy Theories On The September 9/11 Incidence

by Howard K. Smith on July 22, 2011

How did WTC7 fall?

An Inside Job - How did World Trade Center 7 fall?

The American people are not fools, and cannot be fooled lightly. The American peoples are among the most inquisitive race of peoples on earth, and this has propelled them to be advanced more than any nation in almost every sphere of human and societal endeavor. Yes, the September 9/11 again. This incidence has come and gone, taking everyone in utter surprise and leaving many changed and altered for life. The September 9/11 experience could in some way be likened to the Pearl Harbour, but then, America has a definite resilience that cannot be rivaled in the world. And as much harm as the September 9/11 has done to the American psyche, it has not dented the American spirit to bounce back and fight back. And the eventual killing of Osama bin Laden in far away Pakistan lends credence to the American spirit of winning the war on terrorism. But this is not about the war on terrorism, because the American people would never delude themselves that that is over and won, it is just about start in hydra-headed dimensions; this is about the conspiracy theories surrounding the September 9/11, an attack that has reawakened America to its foreign policy ideals.

September 9/11 will never be over with many Americans, not with the families and relatives and folks that they lost. And in this light, many individuals and groups continue to propound theories and research into what might have actually happened on that black day – when the whole world stood still for America, with bated breaths of empathy and feelings. Many still continue to research into what actually happened, or happened so that what happened could happen. And while many continue to understudy American policy on terrorism, but most especially its foreign policy in Asia and the Middle East, many are much more interested in finding and analyzing clues to what happened at home.

How did the perpetrators of the September 9/11 plan and carried out their nefarious deeds on American soil without being sniffed out by any government agency? A lot of conspiracy theories are currently being put forward and analyzed over this blind development. Where there really warnings from about 11 countries about the impending attack, and the American government turned a deaf ear? Are there moles in the American security system and government security structures that ‘helped’ the evil that played out on that fateful day? Could fighter jets have intercepted those hijacked planes before they rammed into the World Trade Center and Twin Tower? Was it true that simple explosives could have brought down the buildings, if they were not even attacked by ramming planes? And with the ramming of the planes into the said buildings, how structurally and architecturally engineered were they to withstand the impacts of those planes? These are just some of the conspiracy theories being developed and analyzed by groups and individuals to get to the bottom of the September 9/11 tragedies.

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