Doctor Seussville in DC.. The next President wanna be. Bull Shit. Slavery in 2013 Just Look at the NCAA They Own you.!!!

by Jackson Vanderbilt on September 28, 2013


Cruz_Dr_Seuss_ 2I’m sick of the friggin News this week…. The 99% ers, have to deal with the bull shit of Some Friggin A Hole  named Tom Cruz that takes up 21 Friggin hours of talk on the floor of Congress, speeches, commentaries, maybe a few letters from concerned citizens, but overall making a mockery of the intellect of the American  people of this great Country. What does this cost  US Tax payers?


cruz and SeussI’m friggin pissed that this dude thinks he can take up 21 frigggggin hours of bull shit to make a name for himself… HOW much does each Fringgin Congressman make per hour and how much productive time was wasted collectively. A Fuckng WASTE of money that the 99%er will have to pay at some point in time…. We Don’t make that kind of money. Fuck… That..!!!!.  CRUZ wants to be the FUCKING President in 2016.. Fuck That.  AND for him to READ from Doc. Seuss… Green Eggs and Ham..!!! ThaT is fucking insane and totally-Disrespectful to All Americans all over especially the 99%ers. Heck we may as well have Michael Jackson run for President.. I know he’s long gone, but I’m sure he’s looking to make a comeback from the grave… Who knows I’m sure he could win against Mr. Cruz….DEAD or ALIVE…  I know we’re smarter than that.. Smarter then MR. Dumb ASS Cruz…The only person that can love Tom Cruz is Tom Cruz himself – Will the Real Tom Cruz stand up !! What a dumb ass stunt.  I’m so fucking pissed.  So Sorry for the bad language, and I hope no one under the age of 12 has an opportunity to read this.  😛 so, so, sorry for the bad language  I just couldn’t hold back I’m so!!!!! I just can’t even say how upset I am… I hope you can tell…..


NCAA 13OK.. The issue of Student athletes  like Johnny Football getting something in the form of money *Side note: Johnny is pretty entrepreneurial already, he just wasn’t a good judge of character, and picked a schmuck as a business partner.. Sounds just like someone from the NCAA’s  head office. These athletes have tremendous talents, and are completely dedication to a sport that they have worked so hard for to be the best of the best in their field. Don’t forget the money and time spent by athletes and parents to get them this far.  Don’t forget the major plus of having the GOD given talent to perform and provide so much joy to the fans all around the country on Saturdays, I’m talking bot Football at the moment, in the fall,

f6y0MpOgKoopslw90m5aJQUUo1_500Basketball in the spring.. AND that does not include all the other athletes in countless other sports.  THE NCAA has created a culture of slavery holding athletes hostage without a guarantee financially… This system of big business all in the name of support for the INSTITUTION of THE  UNIVERSITY. I’m telling you These athletes are SLAVES  to the sport.. The Big Money comes during March Madness…. for Basketball and the BCS Champion Ships…for Football.  Nothing for the Athletes just the big schools that profit when they just win baby win….

FOR SURE, Right, They get a scholarship? Big  Fringgin deal.. ThE Friggin NCAA makes ton’s of fringgin money on each athlete..  THAT ShiTs got to STOp.

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