Early Puberty

by Dan Rather on August 18, 2011

Picture of Kids suffering from Early Puberty

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Remember those science classes on sexual maturity with all the signs of someone maturing in this aspect. Nowadays it is developing at a much earlier age that ever. According to studies that use mortality data to estimate a young man’s peak testosterone – driven phase of risky behaviour. According to this estimate, boys have been maturing about 2.5 moths earlier per decade since at least the 1700s. You are probably wondering, what this means. According to Joshua Goldstein she says that “being 18 today is like being 22 in 1800”

It is not in any way different for the girls as they have long been known to grow up faster than boys. Multiple studies have found that girls hit puberty earlier than they used to base on the age of first menstruation and breast development. For mysterious reasons, having a brother seems to delay puberty in girls. The cause of this is mainly suspected to be better nutrition and more body fat. But unlike girls, whose medical records note age at first menstruation, there is no easy way to assess the average onset of puberty in large populations of boys.

To estimate puberty onset indirectly, Goldstein, a demographer at the Max planck institute in Germany, turned to mortality data. Across cultures, researchers have found a point at the end of male adolescence when mortality suddenly shoots up. This peak is called the “accident hump,” it correlates with the time of peak testosterone production in men with high testosterone, young men are more likely to engage in risky shows of machismo and recklessness, increasing their death rate noticeably.

Using detailed mortality data from Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Italy, Goldstein and his colleagues tracked the accident hump as far back as 1751. They found that this high risk period has been steadily shifting downward by about 2.5 months per decade. Other studies suggest puberty for girls has been arriving about 3.6 months earlier per decade since the 1800’s

Thhough many may argue that this maturation is good it is not good if the brain does not develop at the same level of the body. If a girl develops physically before her brain develops there are various dangers that loom. These include such implications such as unplanned births, abortions, rape and other implications.

For the boys also when this is the case, this causes quite a lot of dangers as you can find that very young people barely out of their teenage years getting married and then drifting apart as time passes. This state of affairs leaves us with an uphill task, especially the Teachers, parents and the society at large. To protect the future generations we need to undertake some measures which will eventually lead to the realization of our goals.

First and most importantly is for us to educate them about their sexuality and engage them in a self-awareness. Through this process of self-discovery the coming generations will be careful with their bodies and may even develop at a faster rate than their bodies all with proper training.


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