Fat Man Claims “I Love Me!”

by Anderson Cooper on November 28, 2011

Fat Women Desire Fat Men

Some women are hungry for fat men!

And here the story goes. Once upon a time there was a really fat man. He looked in the mirror and said to himself: “Do I really love myself?” Hmmm, some folks might have different points of views, but usually the chicks out there don’t like fat men. They prefer the bodybuilder type of men or the Richard Gere’s of the world. Also some girls might be afraid to hook up with someone overweight, because they think they would probably copy his eating habits. Eating lots of chocolate, candy or fast food.

Another thing is, typically being fat is seen as a reflection of someone’s state of mind or general attitude. Fat men let themselves go, these people lack self-control, right?

So what is ‘Mr. Fat’ thinking when he looks at himself in the mirror? Does he like what he sees? Can he wholeheartedly say: “I love me!” or does he recognize that he is lying to himself, pretending to be happy while he isn’t for real?

If you ask a girl to envision a sexual encounter with an obese man, you will most likely get an answer like: “Oh my god, I am wondering if he can still see his wiener LOL!”.

However, the fat man who loves himself is rare, but he does exist. He enjoys being bulky and eating candy. He enjoys food, and sleep more than anything else. Some cultures respect pure body mass as something desirable and men and women are aiming to become the “fattest guy in town”. That being said, I admit I am happy I’m not part of one of these cultures. Bring on the beer! Cheers!

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