From Pro Actor To Pro Wrestler

by Dan Rather on July 16, 2011

Will Smith beats his Kickboxing Personal Trainer MMA Guru Jamall Johnson

Will Smith fights MMA Champion "X-Factor"

From rapping and film production to winning multiple Grammy awards, two academy awards and he has also been nominated for four Golden Globe awards, he has done it all. He is popularly known for his lead role in the 1990 hit TV comedy series “The Fresh prince of Bel – Air”, for his lead role in blockbuster movies such as ; Independence day, Bad Boys, Men in Black, Ali and The pursuit of Happyness. The list doesn’t end there, backed with an amazing family where two of his children are following closely in his footsteps at the ripe age of thirteen and ten respectively. His daughter is currently making big tunes in the music industry with names such as Nicki Minaj and his son just like father taking on the monster that is rapping with famed personalities such as Justin Bieber. Talk about the power of will. With that kind of introduction I definitely gave it away.

You’re right; it’s none other than Will Smith. Will smith according to TMZ reports beat the crap out of his kickboxing trainer. TMZ reports that Will was looking for a new gym and stopped in at Brazen Boxing & MMA in Philadelphia just to get a feel of the place. The tour turned into a twenty minute session with Bellator fighter Jamall “X Factor” Johnson. Sources say that Smith is a very fast learner.

Picture of Red Boxing GlovesAfter some consultations with some of my kickboxing buddies and believe me when I tell you that they are experts, they didn’t quite share the same opinion even after seeing the video. They say they have nothing against the actor but he just couldn’t have beaten a kickboxing trainer, maybe if the trainer was sick. Though I’m no Kickboxing expert, I was made to understand that his kicks are too lose and the hands were not in the right position. He then says that posture is everything and for Will, he has poor posture in the video. With ten years in training, I don’t mean to be biased due to the relationship between me and my buds, but ten long years in practicing anything and for sure you know the dos and the don’ts in the field.

A fast learner, is he now? I wouldn’t help but think that there was more to it than that. I then looked up at some other Kickboxing videos and I can tell that maybe he didn’t get everything right. He fooled me though; it’s only after these consultations with my friends that I realised that being a genius is one thing while mastering the art is another, though my buds didn’t say it loud it was like they were saying, “you’ll need a lot of hard work to get to where I am!” I am an ardent Will fan but in this case, I believe my buddies more than the video.  I can’t help but think it was stage managed. An actor on set and an actor in the gym, I still love him though.

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