Government Shut Down – Killing the Economy!! Killing a 2 year old.. What Planet are we on Anyway!!!?

by Jackson Vanderbilt on October 14, 2013

Mad_World_1Where the Hell do we live anyway??. What World are we IN?  We have a bunch of Rich Crybabies running this world.. That my friends is a crazy statement.. The crazy thing is it’s so “Friggin TRUE”.

We have grown men and women arguing for not the “People” that  they’re suppose to represent, but it’s extremely clear they only want to represent “themselves” Congress 10..

Crystal Clear.  They care only about getting re-elected – That won’t happen after this debacle.

They care about their own agenda….Period….

 Girls gone wildIt’s Not Girls gone wild, but the U.S. Government gone dumb, dumber, and dumber…

0407_derosier100_editMad is the consensus of the “People” as this Government Shut Down keeps on going till we hit that dumb ass cliff.  The Fiscal Cliff.

A Society Gone Wild.. No job security for the masses, no one we can trust, with our livelihood.  We get told a line of /day-out…every Day, Quarter, and Year.  Are you kidding me?  Grabbing my Ankles… I had a pension set up for the many years I worked for Corporate America – Gone it Is-  The mighty U.S. Government and the company I worked for got rid of it. I worked all my life for this… It’s now worth nothing… WTF..

Banks, and Bankers.. WTF Rich banker

All I see is a friggin “Fox” that has the Financial World by the Balls. Just Look at the “Paris Club” a bunch of rich, I mean very, very  Rich Group that controls the World’s Money.  We’re in a World of Hurt right now.

Can we blame the U.S. Government’s!!? Major and Small Corporations, Major Banks for the craziness that’s going on in this World today?  ARE THESE GROUPS – Congruent ?

It’s fair to say Their Not…. The majority of people that make less than $200,000 a year in this country see no congruency within these groups.  It’s a disgrace.

People have gone wild.. Killings and shootings are up….Disrespecting our neighbors  are up, and Kindness and Tolerance is way Down.. It’s a sick feeling.. I’m probably not the first to say this but look at what’s in the news this past week!!!

Matt Schaub A PERSON- Gone Wild- Sick- Demented- had the gall to walk up to an NFL football players home and walk into Matt Schaub’s personal space and “scream, and blurt out angry statements about how he’s playing” Pure Disrespect. To top it off this Past Sunday Matt suffered a ankle injury and that promoted a cheer from the crowd.. Fan’s Gone Wild.. Unacceptable. From ESPN Sports

HOUSTON — When Texans quarterback Matt Schaub suffered an ankle injury late in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams, a smattering of fans cheered.

It angered his teammates.

Linebacker Brian Cushing called it “barbaric.” Backup quarterback T.J. Yates‘ face darkened immediately when asked about it. Left tackle Duane Brown called certain fans’ behavior “disgusting.” Receiver Andre Johnson said it was a sign of “no class.”

Andre Johnson has is right.

APetersonA so CALLED Personal Acquaintance – Gone Wild- Wacked- has the nerve to kill an defenseless 2 year old Boy.  This goes on I’m sure across the country a pure shame.  The thing that makes this a major Headline is that it was Adrian Peterson’s son, Renowned Running Back of the Minnesota Vikings.   This is still a tragedy regardless of who the Mother or Father is.. A pure shame.

So, What’s up with this crazy World.. I’m clueless to what’s the answer…I’m saddened by the outcome….I’m perplexed by the fact that after all this discussion on equality is yet so far away….50 years has gone by since the Fight of Civil Rights started.  None of these events these past few weeks has any remembrance to anything normal… and solvable at this exact time in space.  That my friend’s is a very sad state of affairs no matter who you are, what your net worth is, and where you come from… Pure unconsciousness….

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