Grab Somebody Sexy… Sued!

by Dan Rather on August 16, 2011

Grab Somebody Sexy Tell Em Hey

Grab Somebody Sexy Tell Em Hey!

If you are a Ne- yo fan or Diehard Pitbull fan like me. You surely must have heard the smashing hit from the duo; Give me everything. The song that was released on March 18, 2011 as the second single from his sixth studio album, Planet pit was written by Pitbull, American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack. Ne-yo and Nayer feature on the song. It combines hip hop, pop and “Broadway – style theatricality”. It became Pitbull’s first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100. It became Pitbull’s first number one single in the United Kingdom as the main artist. The song has futher peaked at number one in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United States and within the top- five in twelve countries. With its huge success, the monster hit is coming under attack from no one other than Lindsay Lohan.

The huge song is now under attack from a law suit filed by Lindsay Lohan suing the rapper Pitbull for a disparaging lyric about her. The line goes “hustlers move aside, so I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” She is pissed, claiming in her lawsuit that, “the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff.” Lindsay, who further claims that she is a professional actor of good repute and standing in the Screen Actors Guild, is suing under the New York civil rights laws, which protects people from having their name exploited for commercial purposes. She alleges that the appearance of her name in the song causes her to be associated and identified in connection with the defendants.

The suit filed by Stephanie Ovadia seeks an injunction to stop all of the defendants from broadcasting the song. It also seeks unspecified damages. Ovadia is the same lawyer who filed the E*TRADE lawsuit on Lindsay’s behalf, which settled for a confidential sum, reports TMZ.

The lawsuit for me is quite questionable and misplaced considering it took her quite a while in order to file the lawsuit against the rapper. Call it celebrity justice but it is a clear case for me of celebrity injustice. The lawsuit which seeks an injunction to stop all of the defendants from broadcasting the song is totally uncalled and for me I can only pray that Lindsay Lohan will lose in the case since that will be such a horrible act not only to the defendants but also to the general public population who have grown to love the song. With over a hundred million views on you tube, it is very unlikely that the lawsuit will have little or no effect to the mega hit. Instead of complainining she should be dancing along with the rest and even smile louder than all of us for having a chance to be mentioned in the song. Now picture that with a Kodak. If you are with me “grab somebody sexy tell em hey, GIVE ME EVERYTHING TONIGHT!!”

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