How To Attract Men Using Body Language

by DianeSawyer on December 30, 2012

How To Attract Men Using Body Language

Body language has always been an important source of information and if you are wise enough to pay attention to everything that a man or a woman can tell you without saying any single word, you will be surprised about how many interesting things you can find out! You will not believe your eyes when you will see how to attract men using body language in a few seconds.

It is said that communication has three manners under which can be realized: it can be verbal, non-verbal or para-verbal. Whereas the first type is made with words, ideas, expressions, the second one works with gestures and movements and the last one has more to do with the level of your voice, the fluency you have while talking and the emotions expressed by your body. This time we are going to focus on para-verbal communication and we will try to discover and to understand how men and women can play with no words.

The game of seduction has always been a tough one, but if you know the rules and you play it right, you are definitely going to win. Besides movements and gestures, words have their own importance as well. Even if many times we feel more confortable while talking about our feelings, expressing them within our conversations and we follow the concept “what is said, is said”, we all know how many times people lie to us using verbal communication.

Everyone agrees with the fact that what you say is important and must be taken into account, but what happens when your body tells a different story from the one you are trying to create with your own words? Maybe you want to show someone how interested you are in him/her, but because of your pride and lack of self-confidence, you end up sending a different message?

We suggest you to focus on a specific situation. You are in a bar and you do not want to leave it with no one next to your arm. There are numerous men and women around you, one more beautiful and attractive than the other, you would take them all to your house, but you feel helpless and unable to catch anyone’s eyes on you. What should be done?

We have gathered some special tricks for women, because they are able to learn easier how to attract men using body language. My dear ones please do not expect men to try to impress you and finally manage to, after having followed a certain recipe, because it will not happen! You need to understand that their brain is made to respond to our gestures, not to create them!

Eye contact and slowly touches is what conquers them within a few seconds and if you want to make sure that your strategy will work, start with these two tips. It is important to know that once a man starts to preen when you notice him, it means that he definitely likes you.

Every woman and all girls must understand that it is not difficult to catch a man’s attention, once you got a nice appearance, your beauty is one of a kind and you know how to smile. So, apart from the fact that it is obvious what a man thinks just by looking at his gestures, there are some tricks you can use in order to make him interested in you.

Let’s imagine he is looking at you and his posture is a straight one, you see how much seriousness he is trying to express and how clumsy he is at seducing you. Well, you, as a woman, as a highly skilled woman, will understand his body language even if he might not be aware of it and will try to use yours in order to encourage him.

You can start by trying to flirt with him, but do not expect to quick results reflected into his gestures. He will eventually look into your eyes from time to time, he will continue by touching you, from time to time as well, until he feels relaxed enough to do something else. It is wise to keep in mind that if men are not interested in you, they will not do anyone of these gestures, not even occasionally.

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