I Hate Polls!

by Dan Rather on August 26, 2011

Polls Yes or No

Are Polls useful?

I read this with dismay, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A new poll says that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will split within months. I didn’t even want to go on reading the article. I really wondered what these polls were turning into. For me, I would hate it when people share their views with me on how I and my girlfriend would break up within a certain time frame. Even though things might be going terribly wrong in our relationship I wouldn’t want a poll on how, where and when we would break up. It feels like living a pretty bad novel where you are the main star. This is what polls are actually turning out to be, combined opinions that are brought to the public eye.

Yes they are stars I can’t deny, but spelling doom in their relationship like the poll does. This really puts the teenager couple relationship in quite a tight spot and leaves you wondering if that was the right thing to do. Now I’m sure the public will be actually waiting for the couple to split instead of holding on together.

I understand we live in a democratic society, but if you are about to spell doom over anything I do and publicly declare it and even let me know about it. I swear I won’t be so happy with you and a confrontation that would lead us doing some time in a cell won’t be so bad. All I am trying to say is; let the millionaire couple be.

Yes they are millionaires at seventeen and the way things appear to be going for them there is quite a high probability they have a few cards up their sleeves to surprise us all. Prying on someone’s privacy is quite a bad thing and interferes with the very core of individual rights, but what can I say it sure does make the perfect headline and who wouldn’t want some good, juicy information even if they were just some goddam opinions of an insignificant percentage of the world’s population.

Now the damage is done and all I’m hoping for is for these few opinions to break such a beautiful union. They are perfect for each other. I just hope that the poll is proved wrong. Even if they might break up it should be at their own time and not within the months that the poll says. I am a Belieber and that’s what has got me so agitated. I love, almost about everything about the guy; he has talent and can surely write some good ass music.

Then again I take some time and think about what this might do to the couple’s career….. On second thought they really should go on with the polls. Whether they are right or wrong the Beliebers win and they keep on growing. Just forget what I might have said up there, it’s good for everyone actually. I just pray they are proven wrong.

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