Jessica Simpson pregnant again, just seven months after giving birth

by Alina Andropov on January 1, 2013

Jessica Simpson pregnantJust becoming a mother and learned that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. It seems that this time the pregnancy was not planned.

Jessica Simpson became the mother of a girl in May 2012. During pregnancy, the star has fattened considerably, so that after giving birth entered in a weight loss program. Its dramatic transformation stunned everyone, so Jessica has managed to win silhouette that was before birth.

Now, after managing to escape pounds, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again learned that. “Certainly, this task was not planned,” said a source close to the star, according to
But it will not receive the promised $ 3 million people at Weight Watchers if you managed to lose all accumulated kg during first pregnancy, because the artist will most likely again enormous weight.
Jessica Simpson became famous at the age of 19 years, with the advent of her debut album, “Sweet Kisses” released in 1999. He married Nick Lachey, singer of 98 Degrees, in 2002 and the two singers were stars of the reality show “newlyweds: Nick and Jessica”. Simpson and Lachey divorced in 2006.
Currently, Jessica Simpson is engaged to former American footballer Eric Johnson, with whom he has a relationship in May 2010.

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