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by Dan Rather on August 13, 2011

Picture of a Job Search in the Newspaper

Job Search is easy

No, this article is not about any get rich quick schemes and better yet not about how to rob a bank. What I present here may be things that never crossed your mind and things you would not consider as jobs even if they slapped you in the face. These weird jobs as I would call them have the potential of turning into real businesses that you can make a real living from. There really is a market for anything you do in this world you just have to use a little inspiration and a whole lot of imagination.

By now you have made up your mind if you do want to go on reading this article. If you are reading this there’s no turning back. I don’t guarantee that you will be pleased with what I have for you but I’m sure you’ll learn something new. Okay, now let’s take the plunge. How does mopping up brain matter sound? Yes, I’m not making this up; this is what Crime and Trauma scene decontamination entails. It may sound like a risk free job but players in the field need to deal with toxic material which may be hazardous to their lives. Tearing down or blowing up buildings is fun work, but the risks can’t be ignored. Many employees have started major businesses with this experience and continue to enjoy the money that comes along with demolition.

Criminals! That sounds scary but you can make money out of the whole thing. Yes, a bounty hunter, chasing criminals. If you are out to get a sense of adventure you can do this with ease. The younger you are the better, though you won’t get paid nearly enough of what danger you’ll face.

You might not believe this at first since you will be surprised as I was after learning about this. Trim and treat trees. Yes, a tree doctor. The pay is slightly below average but you can develop it further. I was about to add a thought I just had, but let me not interfere with your imagination.

We are not even close to half of the weird things you can do and get paid for it. You see them around town ferrying some smiley tourists, Taxi Bicycle drivers. In most cities if you decide to put your cycling gear on, you can make $15 per hour if you are lucky. You can later on add some bicycles and soon you’ll be collecting a larger share.

This may sound spooky at first due to the caskets and the bodies but being a funeral attendant is quite easy to be, all you have to do is to get the job is to  apply for the job  and that’s your easy way into the industry.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of weird. There’s so much to do, let your imagination wander. From Fruit Drying; fruits get washed then someone towels them off, chicken sexer; this isn’t about getting paid to molest chicken! It’s about going through baby chicks to separate them by sex. To add on to the list is Dog food tester, this took me by storm since I couldn’t believe all one had to do all day was to taste dog food all day. The icing on the cake comes from Bird poop jewels. Currently, there’s a man who makes and sell bird crap on a braided chain. He makes the poop all shiny by painting it and then a woman can wear it round her neck.

The notable thing about all these jobs is that they all have the capacity for you to run your own outfit and get more out of the trade. I can only wish you the best at your job.

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