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by Dan Rather on August 12, 2011

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Music is my life...

Recently I was going to my usual piano lessons and when I arrived at the destination I started playing the piano, with nothing much in mind. After teaching me a tune from Mozart, I asked him how he started out. For sure he is an expert and knows all about the piano and a whole range of songs. He told me that he loved the piano just like I did and the only thing that got him to where he currently is nothing other than practice and sheer determination.

He, a music scholar is a multi – instruments where he can also play the cello, violin, flute and guitar. There might be something I may have left out. I pondered on his words for a moment and realised that he was really correct. For you to perfect an art or any God given ability you must make full use of it. My mind wondered from one artiste to another, from Eminem to Bruno mars and all the artists who are quite big in the industry. All of these have one thing in common, they all started by failing miserably but one thing is for sure they did not give up. They kept on fighting until they had nothing left in them and then success came knocking on their door. He later on went to explain that out of love for the piano he used to play at least three music pieces every day. This is where I realised the law of the universe. For you to achieve greatness you must perfect what you have May it be your talent and offer It to the world and for sure success is going to follow.

He sat down and told me about the story of a young boy who was on a ship on his way home. In the ship he heard some very beautiful music and went to see where the music was coming from. The young boy found an old man playing a violin; he had never heard such sweet music. The old man asked him if he would one day want to play like that. The boy agreed and at that moment he was told to pick up the violin and to really play it until he got good at it.

On arriving home the boy asked his mother if he would start going for violin lessons. The mother who was a single parent didn’t have so much at the time, so the young boy had to wait for a long while. Not long after enrolling for the lessons that his eyes started aching and that was just the beginning. The aching persisted and one    day he woke up blind. Though he had progressed fairly well in his lessons, this predicament tended to discourage him from pursuing his dream. He went back to the music shop where he had purchased his violin in order to return it. The shop owner asked him to play it so that he would know whether it was still working. As the boy was playing his heart started taking over and this Is where he realised that he was making a mistake and from that moment down he didn’t put down the violin. This determination saw him develop to be one of the most renown violinist in the world. So in whatever you are doing keep pushing on.


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