Keeping Away From The Kardashians

by Howard K. Smith on September 10, 2011

The Guard of the Kardashians

The "Kardashians" - Reality TV and daily dramas.

Every story has a loophole, every innovation some by-products. Revolution of popular media has transformed the way we think and behave. Knowingly, unknowingly the media is dictating our lifestyle and beliefs. It doesn’t actually matter what the real purpose of media is because ultimately nothing is obsolete. Things change, technologies evolve and we blend in. But within every technological evolution, there are some gray areas that defy the very purpose of its evolution. Look at the Kardashians for instance, making a business out of the very privacy that we strive to defend all our lives. Here, it must be mentioned that it’s not a question of morality because ostensible moral values are always relative. And it’s also not just about the particular show in question here. It’s more about a question of choices we make and how the choices may not be entirely on our grip.

Well, see the Kardashians! There are moments when we find ourselves wondering “Who the hell are the Kardashians?” or “Why are we even watching them fussing over some chickens?” But beneath all these logistics of sane mind, there lies within us a gaping hole that drives us back to our TV screens for those moments of guilty pleasure. Somehow nothing will be making any sense, nonsensical debates, childish fusses and yet we find ourselves engrossed in the daily dramas of strangers. Is it harmless? Of course it is. What possibly can be our problem if people are willing to flaunt us their bathroom routines or their bedroom plans? The problem is not in this trade of reality entertainment. The issue lies in how such Kardashians are born and how we are feeding into a virtual world of ‘paper stars’.

Having said that, an ideal media judgment is just too much to ask. Nothing is ultimately foolproof. There are always going to be people looking for shortcuts and there are always going to be few, cunning enough to find the loopholes. Besides, the relation between the media stars and audience is a mutual process. After all, people create their own ‘stars’ and ironically feed them with the royal treatment that ultimately influences their lifestyle. Idolizing a star thus is our own paradox. It’s perhaps the dilemma of our keen need of approval that we seek from the world, the constant need of self-judgment that we can’t escape. Nonetheless, irrespective of the innate psychological triggers or the bigger social picture in question, reality media ‘idols’ like the Kardashians or Hiltons somehow defy the definition of ‘media celebrities’. Such ‘stars’ are like the buffers of the media’s game, slithering onto the podium of fame feeding on our guilty needs.

There is obviously a financial facet to this far cry of media stardom, and of course the Kardashians and the Hiltons are rich! It just reveals how much the media can be tweaked with the monetary code or how helpless our judgment can be. Alright, some stars are singers, some are actors and others have a field to excel but what about the Kardashians? They are the gray areas of the fame game. As mentioned earlier, it’s perfectly safe and non-lethal to keep up with the Kardashians but if you are hoping to ‘get a life’, it’s probably safer to ponder on keeping away from the Kardashians. No pun intended!

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