Leonardo DiCaprio – Going Green

by Dan Rather on August 9, 2011

Picture of Leonardo DiCaprio and his new Hybrid Car

The actor is going green. His new car is a Hybrid!

No, he hasn’t been spotted planting trees in a nearby forest or launched off a recycling plant in his neighbourhood. He has recently bought a hybrid sports car that is generating lots of buzz in the eco –conscious world. The car is worth a whopping $100,000 and has the ability to go from zero to sixty in under eight seconds. He is among the three who have the cars made by Fisker Automotive Karma. In the past “electric” and “Sport” didn’t go together. This car not only combines electric and sport but also throws in a stylish luxury and amazing performance. It has a leather interior, wood with Alcantara suede with an advanced control system with touch screen. Now that is really some green power. The only noise from the car is an effect of sound transmitted through the speakers on the rear bumper. Just picture this, no engine noise and one can drive at top speed of 125 mph. How does that feel. The elegant style means that there is little air resistance and low noise.

If you can’t buy this car don’t be too hard on yourself since you see yourself not doing anything to help in purifying the environment. You can also do it in other ways which do not include spending $100,000. You can start by saving energy to save money. This can be through various simple acts such as installing compact fluorescent light bulbs when your older incandescent bulbs burn out. Ensure that you unplug appliances when you are not using them or use a smart power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts energy use.

Saving water to save money is a sure way of saving our environment. This can be through having shorter showers to reduce water use; you can then install a low –flow showerhead. Further on on saving water to save money you should make sure you have a faucet aerator which conserves heat and water while keeping water pressure high. If you do love to garden then growing drought –tolerant native plants in our green will certainly help out in the long run.

The less gas you use the more money you keep in your pocket and the better your health levels. If you live close to your place of work you can walk to work instead of using the car as this saves on gas and improves your cardiovascular health and at the same time reduces the risk of obesity.

You might be saying to yourself that you can’t do any of the above. Here is something I am sure you can be able to do. It is so simple that you won’t believe your eyes once you’ve read it. It is, eat smart. This is the most practical of all the ways to conserve the environment but it is also the hardest to do. This implies that one should eat low on the food chain especially for seafood.

From the above it is easy to see that you don’t have to spend quite a huge amount to be a green champion. You can be a green champion by doing what you need to for the benefit of the universe. This is not limited to the simple steps I present above.

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