Let the Games Begin “Football is Here” Thug-Hero-Loser-Champ

by Jackson Vanderbilt on August 31, 2013

NFLI’m so excited, this is the time I wait for every year.. Football – College or Pro I can watch it all day Saturday and Sunday.  I guess now it also Thursday and Monday too.. Man isn’t that great.

Lots of Stuff going on during the preseason for sure even for Collage this year.. Way too many players getting in trouble or just think there’s nothing they can do wrong.

NCAAFOne major observation this pre-season has been the huge number of injuries.

From NFL News: It started In week 2 of Preseason and that was only half way through pre-season.


The preseason is about survival. In the second week of the preseason, plenty of best-laid plans were torn up because of injuries.The Miami Dolphins lost starting tight end Dustin Keller, who might have led the team in catches had he stayed healthy, to a gruesome knee injury. The Washington Redskins lost backup quarterback Kirk Cousins to a mid-foot sprain Monday night, while Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Le’Veon Bell suffered a foot injuryof his own. The Steelers hoped Bell would start in Week 1, but those plans could change now.Guys like Victor Cruz, DeAndre Hopkins, EJ Manuel, Aaron Hernandez, Quinton Coples, Blaine Gabbert, Champ Bailey andWes Welker all suffered injuries of varying severity over the weekend. Some of those players will be ready for Week 1, but it’s impossible to know. That’s because teams can be even more vague or overly optimistic about injuries during the preseason than the rest of the year.We only have one more significant week of the preseason to go. It’s a necessary evil, but we are so ready for the real stuff to begin.


The latest in week 3:


Coming down to the wire

Full list of injuires:


Johnny ManzielThe other pre-season story of interest  is the immature antics of some of our younger and upcoming stars going to college.  Mr Football Johnny Manziel– Ego’s so big “to Fail” sound familiar? !!!!, and way too too much party time @ STRIP CLUBS, WINE and DINE with your FAVORITE-AGENT or LAW OFFICER  and drinking and driving behind the wheel and thinking no one will notice.  Notice This.

From Forbes:


nfl_a_aaron-hernandez 2Five prominent college football players have been suspended indefinitely in just the last week: Tulane linebacker Trent Mackey, Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack, Auburn wideout DeAngelo Benton, Oklahoma defensive tackle Stacy McGee and Tennessee wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers. Those suspensions follow the outright dismissals of LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu and Florida State’s Greg Reid, two of the most talented cornerbacks at the college level.

Opps.. That an’t happening.  In fact watch out because: the Cops, Media, and even the Dude or Chick with a Smathphone are watching and waiting to expose the story that will go Viral so they feel better about themselves.  We all have to find a way to feel good about Texans Cheerourselves. Right.  The media, cops, even fans can’t get enough attention for themselves.  IT’S got to GO VIRAL or we’re NOTHING

I’m telling you that GM’s (General Managers) and AD’s (Athletic Directors) will be busy this year for sure.

I call it babysitting at a very high level.  Think about it.  All these children with lots of money, immature egos, and you have to make sure your brand has a very polished image… And, And, You have to win, win, win,

I just love that..

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