Love it.. Inmates from Prison getting rehabilitated Fighting “Fire”

by Jackson Vanderbilt on August 30, 2013

130828-inmate-firefighters-hmed-02-1120a.380;380;7;70;0Man when I saw this article I had to give my two cents worth… Worth a Million, but you can decide that.  Off Topic, back on .. It’s so cool that this program exists to help these inmates get credit for doing something productive for the community, themselves and mostly for Us.  Thank you!  For putting your life out on the line for this cause.

I’ve always wondered why these types of programs don’t exist, or at least if they do exist… No one is talking about it and firing up the community of readers and interested parties.  I know there’s a ton of bad media coverage, and that’s another story for another time, but

Why Not!!



ss-130826-rim-fire-yosemite-06.ss_fullInmate firefighters, who are paid $1 an hour as part of California’s conservation prison-camp program, work the Rim Fire threatening Yosemite.
They swing the same Pulaskis, buzz the same chainsaws and face the same dangers.
But 673 of the wildland firefighters battling the ferocious blaze around Yosemite National Park have something that other hotshot crew members do not: a prison identification number.
They’re part of California’s conservation camp program, which takes convicts out of jail cells and puts them on the front lines of wildfires, where they earn $1 an hour cutting containment lines that keep flames from spreading.
“They are in the thick of it,” said Capt. Jorge Santana of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The media is such a powerful part of etching, and shaping how we see things from their various views.  It’s truly amazing how that happens, But it Does.

Chain GangI’ll have to report back because this has me curious if anyone has any good stories about this topic. What are other cities, and states doing to rehab it’s inmate population?   I know a lot of human rights, religious groups spend a ton of time doing good deeds.  I love that that too, but I’m looking at specific programs that are focused on the “chain gang style” of corrections technique with a more humanistic approach like having them fight fires, rebuild roads, highways, schools, parks, and that type of work.. I feel it’s both therapeutic for the inmates, and the community at the same time.  I see it as a win win proposition.

Let me know what you think….

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