Lucky Me? Do You Love Yourself?

by Dan Rather on August 25, 2011


Do YOU love yourself?

We want it all, the happy go lucky life. You get everything we want. The girl of your dreams, the job you’ve always wished for, tonnes of money, health, fame and everything nice. It is true; you make your life with your thoughts. You should really be thanking me for doing this. This is no big secret syndicate thing that you have to keep your eyes peeled out for. This is just easy one, two, three’s you need to follow if you want a lucky life where you get everything, well not everything you want in life but I’m still working on that.

I’m sure you are wondering; “Now what will this guy tell us”.  Actually there’s nothing, nothing new. You know this very well maybe not from reading it from somewhere but by actually doing it. It is so easy to be happy go lucky. As I started out by saying it all starts out in the mind. When you think the right line of thoughts then your attitude changes and voila you’re cured. What I mean by cured in this case is not in the, down with a flu kind of thing but being healed from self-pity and a limited mind-set. Be careful with the thoughts that you choose to adopt as your own. I know this might be quite hard to pull off as you try this out. Here is some help; all you really need to do is to observe your emotions and what you are saying. The power of words can’t be stressed out enough; they eventually turn into a reality even if you didn’t want such a thing to happen. Let’s look at this example, you are in a race. You keep on saying, not out loud but just to yourself. I will never win this. It doesn’t matter how talented you are but you will for sure be unable to win even if you were high on steroids. Now don’t do that steroids thing.

When you have your attitude this second step will come in so easy for you. All you basically need to do is to find a positive thing in everything that happens to you. I will give you the usual, when a bird poops on your white gleaming shirt that you just recently bought. You don’t have to get angry, just imagine if elephants could fly. Wipe it off and move on. I tell you this is no easy task to do, the temptations are quite high for you to get agitated and even start cursing. I’ll let you in on one secret for this. You have to fake it to make it.

The final step is one you need to cultivate over time. You need to start assuming that good things happen to you all the time, not just rarely and for sure they will start happening one after the other. All I can do now is rest happy that I shared this with you. The level of your luck will depend on how well you develop yourself.  I wish you all the best in your pursuit of happiness.

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