Matt Hardy Arrested

by Dan Rather on August 8, 2011

Picture of Superstar Matt Hardy who was arrested

Under Arrest: Wresting Superstar Matt Hardy

Wrestling superstar Matt Hardy was arrested in North Carolina for suspicion of driving while intoxicated according to TMZ reports. According to Moore County jail, Hardy was busted by the Carolina State Highway Patrol and released around 7 p.m. according to the Carolina State Highway patrol, a trooper discovered Hardy after is 2009 corvette ran off the road and struck a tree. Hardy was by himself at the time and did not suffer any injuries. The American professional wrestler who is currently under contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is the last person you would think could be so reckless. If he indeed wanted to end his career this was quite a sure way to do it. He should know better, being a role model for many children, he should act like a beacon of light ready to lead the way for the children.

This kind of behaviour keeps you wondering if indeed he was okay at the moment or if there was something terribly wrong in his personal life for him to be drinking in such an uncouth manner, alone and no one else knows exactly where he might be. I’m not saying that we should abolish the drink but surely we should be in control of the drink let it not control us.

It was very easy that he would have been just another statistic, crushed under the influence of alcohol. The thirty seven year old who started off quite well as a tag team with his brother Jeff  as of 1999 where the duo went  on to gain notoriety in WWE’s tag team division due to their participation in Tables, ladders  and chairs matches. As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a six time world tag team champion, a one-time WWE Tag Team champion and a one-time WCW Tag Team Champion.

Apart from his success as a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a one time world heavyweight champion, having won the ECW championship in 2008. He has also won other singles championships having held the Hard-core, European, Cruise weight, and the United States Championship on one occasion each.

It is true that Matt Hardy has received a lot of success in his life whatever he might be facing in his personal life should not get to him in such a way since it will only destroy him. I do hope it is nothing serious since I am one big hardy fan. Yes, I also miss his brother Jeff. He like his brother has experienced success as a singles wrestler and is a five time world champion having held the WWE championship once, the World Heavyweight championship twice and TNA World Heavyweight championship twice. He is also a four time intercontinental Champion and has held the light heavyweight and European championships once each.

Believe it or not, Jeff hardy who later returned to TNA In January 2010 is involved in motocross, music, painting, and other artistic endeavours. Now I understand why the look and his sense of style. Another quick fact; He is a member of the band Peroxwhygen.

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