Mel Gibson Still In Unresolved Dispute Over Little Lucia

by Howard K. Smith on July 20, 2011

Mel Gibson holding his daughter Lucia

Mel Gibson's Daughter Lucia

The custody battle raging between the popular and wealthy actor and producer, Mel Gibson, and his estranged partner Oksana Grigorieva, over their little child is still far from being over. And while many would want to sympathize with Gibson because of his fame and familiar face on screen, it is no surprise that he is going through an experience that many in Hollywood had gone through before him. Now that he has lost his magic with Grigorieva with little hopes of reconciliation, the battle line is drawn with lawyers on either side trying to find a middle ground. And though the rift between them has so much degenerated beyond where any of them could save face, the custody of their little kid is the latest problem dragging on their plate.

Grigorieva currently has the baby with her, and actually wants the little one to attend a very private school in the San Fernando Valley where she lives, but that is too much for Gibson to agree to, simply because of the long distance drive from Malibu to the San Fernando Valley. Mel would love their kid to attend a school that is in-between them in distance, so that he won’t have to drive so long to pick up their child and also drop her off. But Oksana is said to stand her feet down, that Mel should either put up with the long distance drive or forget the idea of seeing their baby. What can Mel do?

Sources close to them report that Gibson would prefer for him and his estranged partner to have equal custody of their child in a 50/50 fashion, but Oksana is said to want a complete hold over the child and would not readily accede to any equal sharing of custody between them over little Lucia. In fact, informants say Oksana’s legal representatives would rather she quickly settled with Gibson over the child’s custody, perhaps so as to close the case and be paid off in time without dragging, but Oksana is said to stand her feet down that such would not be the case.

It seems then that Oksana is hell bent on destroying whatever is left of Gibson’s goodwill and reputation. She would not let go of their baby and dares the latter to do his worst. But what will Gibson do than to await the courts for a positive injunction and hope that Grigorieva would be more reasonable over sharing custody of the little Lucia.

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