Miley Cyrus…Football…Testosterone…..Bad boys- Ready for some Football or are you too smart.

by Jackson Vanderbilt on September 9, 2013

NFL Stadium Full People

We all know the scene, at a football game, Sports Bar, and if you’re a fan you’ve been to at least one event.  If you haven’t well.. You’re not a fan to say.

Lambo Field



annoying girl fan edit


You’re just sick and tired of the crap you have to put up with at a game or sports bar.

Annoying Girl Fans

MOM Look at Me Now- I’m so pretty!!! You’re the Best Mom Ever.. Love You



Miley Cyrus is the poster child this week for my rant on what’s not so good about Bad boys, and Bad girls at concerts, or sporting events that we get to so graciously pay money for and have to put up with their crap.




Do we really have to put up with these Assholes that don’t have respect for their brothers or sisters sitting in the stands, or in a bar.

Bad Boys- They Think

Bad Boys- They ThinkI was watching last Thursday’s NFL Opener @Denver vs. Baltimore at a nice sports bar down in San Diego, well Don’t say it- I know you want to or said it already to yourself- Charger’s Their not going anywhere the bolt is dead, and even I can admit it’ll be a miracle if the Chargers can do anything solid this year.. I know them too well since I was a kid 1980.

NOW back on topic..

It’s an emotional topic!! Assholes, Bad boys and Bad girls especially Assholes and Bad boys that have all this penned up testosterone since last February just a short 6 months ago but you know what I mean. Right

annoying girl bengals fan editAnd so to be completely fair and balanced!  Not to leave out the Bad girls  with– potty mouths and vomiting slurs that you wonder what planet their on or what Drug of choice they are on. Making absolutely no sense at all on any topic with regards to the game at hand.

So back to my story…

I’m with a cool set of friends, one a Bronko Fan, and the other a Raven fan.. All good right.. West coast attitude and East Coast attitude, know where I’m going with this right.. Everything’s fine we’re  all intermingling with the crowd and things are mellow for the most part.

I like looking at and for people that are right on the Edge of  an Explosion, Ecstasy or Euphoria because they can go either way.!!! The Mind and Heart can be Happy or Angry it’s a Crap Shoot..   With that said I’m seeing things starting to break down as people start taking in all those great bar juices -You know a few drinks, or pitchers of beer…. l wasn’t disappointed as a few groups got a bit louder and we all kinda looked at each-other with our eyes rolled and you know.  You’ve seen and been there before too. I’m sure.  Well, my friend the East coaster, loud with an East coast flair, fowl mouth, knowledgeable, passionate about the Raven, just kicking the shit out a few more (Bronko fans) verbally of course, relentlessly may I add, and the guys she was fighting/arguing/sparring with were completely clueless to the bone, they left there good shovels at home in the shed, (I hope there’s a good sharp something in the shed) and they were just getting there ass’s kicked and kept on coming for more and more. I call it “Topper crap” Crap that had nothing to do with the conversation of football, just utter trash…That’s and example of  Angry SOB’s…Not Much Fun..really showing off there High Eye Q’s after a few pitchers of beer…The Eye Q ratings were -5 after several  sentences that were references from and to something out of star wars or some other way out place.…Now, to the Dude’s defense, they couldn’t see that East Coaster coming there way because they’d never been past the surf off Carlsbad they were completely culture deprived….clueless to the bone with dull shovels in hand that they brought to the bar….I hope there’s a sharper tool in the shed somwhere…. Just imagine if they met someone from outside the US.  Pretty Darn Scary…..

Carrie Underwood SNF Role Model Carrie Underwood

Poor Miley was doing her onstage VMA performance…. To impress, fans, the industry, followers, or just to be talked about?  Well I bet Dad’s having an ‘Achy Breaky Heart” moment if he saw that performance.  Poor Dad, Achy Breaky got a lot of shit at first back in the day if you can remember…Now, well….listen.. to this…  …..

What’s Miley trying to say, it’s okay to trash around to get noticed? Look at some of our professional athletes that trash around -for what reason–They get noticed even more than the athletes that are great role models. Check out this last Sunday Night’s Football pregame performance and get blown away by Carrie Underwood’s classy performance, and last year’s performance by Faith Hill.

If you missed it – Clue she does the performance every Sunday Nite.

 Class Act Thank you ladies     faith-hill

I think we all know that unfortunately trash, rudeness, disrespect, seems to rule our world when it comes to playing nicely with our brothers, and sisters of the greater community of man…


Unfortunately we all seem to act like animals and beasts even our women can become nasty animals when we get a little beer, wine, tequila, scotch, a bud, some weed, hash– not corn beef, pills, all types sizes and alcoholcolors…an amazing rainbow of options..ecstasy

I guess the obvious conclusion is that “We haven’t changed much in centuries past” because we haven’t learned and still act like we’re back in the dark ages.  The difference between than and now is everything is notched up…..super sized…high performance….pushing to unrealistic limits……EXTREME to the MAX …..”It’s got to go viral” “Use bad language to get a point across” “argue and don’t listen” “make a spectacle –bad impression- of yourself” “Who gives a F…anyway”. The Negative attitude RULES and seems to get rewarded…..I hope it Changes soon

Well, that’s gotta change or live will not be much fun….At least going out won’t be much fun if these attitudes continue to be prevalent in our World . I see it coming sooner than later…..What are you going to do about it.

Let me know.

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