Morbid obesity and weight loss 165 pounds. See what exercises did!

by Alina Andropov on January 1, 2013

When she entered the reality show “My 600 lb Life” Ashley weighed 272 pounds and suffered from morbid obesity. But she didn’t even come close to this fat man. With a strong will and hard work, she managed to lose 165 pounds over 7 years.

Photo of Incredibly Fat ChickAshley has struggled with obesity all her life. With a poor relationship with her mother, younger and has found refuge in food, consuming no less than 3,000 calories per day, according to

When she entered the TLC channel show that followed the lives of six adults suffering from morbid obesity, her future does not look very good. Within a few years, after a stomach reduction surgery and numerous surgeries to remove excess skin, supported by a nutritionist and a psychologist, Ashley went on to lose 165 pounds, weighing, finally, 107 pounds.

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