Mr. Johnny Football shaking the sticky Money Fingers WTF is up with That

by Jackson Vanderbilt on September 3, 2013

Johnny Manziel money fingersDid you watch that game Yesterday.. I can’t stand the dude but guess What?  I sat at my favorite Bar, well not really my fav, but it was a bar and I had a 22oz Import watching this Dude kick ass for sure, but with a crappy cocking attitude in my view.  Remember I was still watching this freak.  What the hell is wrong with me.  JohnnyManziel money fingers2


From ESPN Sports:

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Johnny Manziel spent the summer under scrutiny for his actions off the field. His antics Saturday are sure to keep the spotlight on him.

After serving a half-game suspension for an “inadvertent” NCAA violation for signing autographs, Manziel returned to throw three touchdowns and helped No. 7 Texas A&M put away Rice 52-31.

But he also was in the face of Rice players for most of his time in the game, and he eventually drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after a touchdown throw in the fourth quarter. Manziel was talking to two Rice defenders and then pointed to the scoreboard when officials threw the flag.

That play proved to be his last of the game. Matt Joeckel replaced Manziel on A&M’s final drive.

WTF Why.????

I don’t get it.

I just figured it out.. Testosterone, it’s friggin Testosterone man.. It never occurred to me.

From NBC News:

 Why dudes go nuts while watching the big game

April 18, 2012 at 5:12 PM ET

Dudes become even more dudelike when watching a game because of a spike in testosterone and cortisol, a new study find. Here, fired up Philadelphia Eagles fans cheer before the start of a game.   Football fan photo

You see this raging rowdiness in “The Black Hole” – a freakishly fired-up swath of the Oakland Coliseum where Raiders rooters are notorious for needling their football enemies.  Raider Black hole

You can witness this same ferocity among Philadelphia Eagles fans, Then again, if you are any sort of sports-obsessed guy – (OK, let’s just say, if you’re a guy), you, too, probably talk smack with your buds and vent venom at the flat screen whenever the score gets close.

Well, now we know exactly why – on a chemical level – boys will be boys when a ballgame hangs in the balance.  According to a study published Wednesday, dudes actually become even more dude-like while watching their beloved teams compete.

Well, now it makes a bit more sense, but it had to be spelled out for me, and I can tell you that this will help most girls this football season to understand why we Guys act this crazy..

TestosteroneTestosterone cartoon

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