My My Michael Jackson Are You still Awake? How’s your Insomnia NOW?

by Jackson Vanderbilt on August 30, 2013


Well, it’s a shame, a sham that Michael Jackson’s family is going after Michael’s Promoter’s AEG Live.                                     OR


Did the Wolf! AEG Live get caught in the hen house taking advantage of one of its biggest Golden Geese.  I know they have a ton of Golden Geese.  Check them out..

A Huge Wolf.

I can’t blame them, (Family – Business) of Michael Jackson and anyone associated with him will always make money one way or another.. The King of Pop will keep on keeping on.. Dead but awake and how Ironic is it that he can’t sleep even when he’s Dead.




MJ Prop

From CNN:

The testimony of a Caregiver:

Los Angeles (CNN) — A nurse collapsed on the witness stand after describing her unsuccessful attempt to convince Michael Jackson not to use propofol to treat his insomnia.

“I can’t do this anymore! I can’t do this anymore,” Cherilyn Lee cried at the end of Wednesday’s testimony in trial to decide if concert promoter AEG Live is liable in Jackson’s death. As she broke down, she was assisted by others in the courtroom including one of the lawyers.

Cherilyn Lee

Wow, Who wins here? The kids, Mom, and don’t forget the WOLF, Lawyers and Financial group that hold the paper on Michael Jackson’s property.

The sad thing is he was hooked on Propofol for a long time since 1997..Insomnia has plagued him since he was a kid.. Nothing New.. Dad’s expectations since he was 7, Family expectations,  Promoters, Fans, Contacts, Money…. NO wonder the dude couldn’t sleep.. Would you.  Doubt it. Nuff Said

MJ Fans2

The biggest losers are his fans. Sad to say, but one thing is clear.. A sweet nurse was always by his side, and it’s a shame Michael didn’t have it in him to trust her.

All the Best.

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