Online Photo Brings Back The Ghost Of Mira Turner

by Howard K. Smith on July 28, 2011

Blurry Picture of the Ghost Of Mira Turner

Is the the Ghost of Mira Turner?

The ghost photo of a young maid who committed suicide in the late 1800s has renewed interests in ghost stories again, when a man excitedly showed the photo to staff of the Llanelly library, claiming his friend had taken the pictures of Mira Turner, a 22-year old maid in Llanelly House, 160 years after her death. But Llanelly library staffs are still investigating the genuiness of this photo and have seem to find its resemblance to several hoax pictures distributed over the internet, making this case perhaps a hoax in itself.

But the man that brought the picture and claimed it was taken by his friend was visibly excited about the authenticity of the photo, and claimed it was the real ghost photo of the former maid of Llanelly House in ancient Wales. The ghost of Mira Turner has been touted to haunt the house since her death, and many have claimed seeing her. The 22-year old maid committed suicide by taking large doses of poison, laudanum, after it was rumored that she was having an affair with the married butler of the House, Charles Howell. Historians have presented versions of how her end eventually came, but it is still a matter of debate. Some claimed she fell off the stairs from the effects of the poison, and some insist she jumped out from the window after taking the poison. The young maid was buried in an unmarked church graveyard in August 9, 1851.

The Llanelli House

Llanelli House - early 20th Century

Since the incidence of the suicide, many people have reportedly seen her ghost to haunt the ancient Llanelly House, and this has sparked interest in her story. Of particular note is the experience of a young girl of about 9 or 10, who waited with friend for her mother who was a cleaner at the House. While waiting, they decided to play about the house and got lost in the maze of several rooms in the house, and as they started to panic, they saw a young maid who asked them to follow her. She took them to the top of a flight of stairs and then vanished into one of the rooms. The frightened girls later ran down to narrate what happened to their mother. The ghost of Mira Turner has been famed for haunting the house several times since, and reportedly sighted by many.

But officials at the Llanelly library are having a difficult time believing this particular picture since it has been found to be doctored, and with something like it on the internet. They just believe the ‘harbinger’ must be a victim of some hoax, and whatever the case, his photo has renewed interest in the ghost of Mira Turner and several other ghost stories.

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