OSU Players got Paid to Play..WTF The Johnny Manziel’s football Circus.. WTF Did Syria really Gas their Own People.. For Real or Not

by Jackson Vanderbilt on September 13, 2013


Are You Kidding Me

WTF…. and let me say it one more Time… WTF

   Sports Center


Look at the News Media… ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,FOX, and now we have ESPN reporting on a SI Investigative report on OSU Cowboys allegations of wide scale hanky panky not so cool practices which equals out to some shady business practices to do what?  Win Baby, Win Baby, let me say it again Win Baby…  WTF


Outline of allegations: From USA Today


  • OSU CowboysPayments from coaches and boosters to players. (from $200.00 to $10,000.00  for various incentives)
  • A bonus program , run by former assistant coach Joe DeForest, now at West Virginia, for Cowboys players that existed as recently as 2011. Coaches and boosters paying athletes, including violations ranging from paying for:
    •  jobs not performed
    • overpaying for jobs
    • strictly paying players for performance.
  • Academic corruption involving:photo-Amateur-Ass-Babe-Sex-141045313
    •  grade changes
    •  players’ work being completed by others.
  • ecstasy Drug abuse among players and sexual relations with hostesses in the school‘s Orange Pride program.
    • Open use of drugssi-part-4-sex
    • Orange Pride (Sex for incoming athletes to get them to sign with the school)…. WTF




The Johnny Manzeil Circus has been going on now pretty much all summer long.. WTF

Starting out at the prized Manning football camp that features you know All three Manning’s, and Big dog Daddy “Archie” has a very strict protocol for “Discipline” Why not it’s been successfulManning Family for all 3 sons.. But, really he’s 100% because the oldest son  Cooper was diagnosed with a serious condition called spinal stenosis which ended his football career during his Freshman year.

Poor Johnny… When will he grow up….. Doesn’t look like it anytime soon… WTF

Johnny Started early last year hanging out with some shysters looking to make some money off his signature.. That shysters said he paid Johnny…Johnny said NO way……. WTF .. Who can you trust, and who do you believe these days.



Johnny was cool at media day and that’s when the autographing piece came to fruition.  The Media loved it…. WTF

Now Johnny is 1-0 had a great game last week… but didn’t learn anthing…NOWTF… He was being his old cocky self by acting like he’s  “in the money” with his slimy fingers in the air taunt.. I hate it.. WTF… He’s also acting out on the field like he’s signing autographs ….. Man  WTF… I still watched the game WTF is wrong with me… Do I need help or…WTF

BamaWell, he’s got a great test this week when Alabama comes to town.  This should be a killer game.. Remember.. I said I couldn’t stand Johnny…. WTF I’m going track this game for sure.. Man I’m messed up…

The Good ole US of A wants to hold Syria accountable for claims of killing 1400 + men, women, and children.. Not cool by any means….LOTS of Pictures… Are the Real?… WTF killing in Syria

Aren’t there more important things here in the Good Ole, US of A that needs as much attention like the millions of Americans (men, women, young adults), Legal Immigrants that are out of work. WTF… I think that’s pretty important.  Do we really know if Syria’s Government did it…. “Where’s the real true proof”??

oops No WMDI can’t buy this based on the experience we Americans saw in Iraq.  I must say I’m a Legal Immigrant. There were lots of pictures and proof of WMD…WTF…..NOT REALLY.!!  Can’t do it.. Our Government shouldn’t either ….. WTF… The good news is our friends over in Russia want to help… WTF  can we trust them…. NO Not really…. Will see what happens later this week.

So, in Closing WTF Sports, can’t be trusted, Greedy PTB (Powers to Be) are involved, Win baby Win at all cost even when it involves World issues the PTB want one thing.  Governments want to Win baby Win!! like it’s a Football Game. So WTF can we count on The Good Ole US of A? Hope so!! Can we count on Russia to Help??? Hope So.. Do we know the Truth? NO  WTF
I DON”T REALLY KNOW – DO YOU  I’m going to reflect and Thank God I”m safe right now – and hope for Peace- I’m not sure who we can count on…. W_ _

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