Po… Po… Po… Poker Face!

by Dan Rather on August 24, 2011

Picture of a Poker Face

Lady Gaga's Poker Face?

You might be thinking that she has a serious stammering problem, from po-po-po -poker face, to Ale- ale jandro, to Judas, Juda-as. Is that what it really takes for one to make it big in this industry? Stammering? Well she doesn’t have a stammering problem. The problem is she makes stammering a talent.

She has done it all; currently on the edge of glory (pun intended) she is doing it like no one has ever done before. As we explore how to get in and win big in the industry just like Gaga, I won’t lie to you I want to do it bigger than it’s ever been before. To top chart after chart, all we have to do my dear friend is look for a pattern and get into that pattern and success is guaranteed.

You may be wondering that this is too easy. If you look at Lady Gaga she found her niche by standing out from the crowd. She currently has the largest number of followers on twitter, how? You may ask. It’s quite another simple question. She chose to be unique, with quite weird dressings, weird videos, and weird make up; there’s nothing about this girl that is not weird. The bottom line is that she stood out with her brand. When she releases a new album I am always looking forward to being surprised, maybe something I haven’t even heard for quite a long while.

For an artist to do it in a whole different way just like she does it or even better, you need to be versatile. Keep your fans guessing. For sure I love being put on edge, don’t do the same thing twice, it will be quite boring. Take a look at Bruno Mars for instance, the lazy song singer and one of my favourites has indeed taken full advantage of this. From Pop, RnB, Electro Pop, Reggae, the list is quite long and unfortunately I can’t exhaust all of it.

If you want to take the world by storm you won’t need an atomic bomb to make your point just stand out. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that you all start walking the streets half naked or jump rooftops so as to get this. If you really want to stand out and gain favour in the eyes of people then you have to develop your talent to the fullest. This is not a one-time affair where you just wake up and when you are at number one, you decide that you can take a nap. It is a lifelong scenario, Michael Jackson is the perfect example. His label released his recent works even after his death. This brings me to my piano teacher and I can’t believe how spot on he was on this, though a little bit old fashioned. He started by saying, “all things shall end but music shall never end” this is particularly true in Michael’s case. He then went ahead to teach me a song with the same words on key G major. For those of you who love the piano. Thought, I was bluffing, huh.

If you really want this I can’t lie to you. All you really need is believe in you!! Don’t and again I say don’t start learning how to stammer.

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