Saying Goodbye To Harry Potter- The Boy Who Lived!

by Howard K. Smith on September 21, 2011

Photo of Daniel Radcliffe and a Hot Sexy Chick

Daniel Radcliffe likes it hot!

After consecutive seven books and eight movies, our craze for the magical world of Hogwards is far from over. So what is it about this skinny, magical boy or the utterly outlandish settings of an invisible world of wizards that has made it so hard for countless fans around the globe to face this moment of farewell? In a matter of a decade, Harry Potter has transformed from an ordinary character of child fiction to arguably the most profitable character in the history of literature.

From books to movies, video games, accessories and theme parks, the name ‘Harry Potter’ is a brand in itself. Recently, the world witnessed an epic ending of this wizardry craze when the second installment of the final book was released worldwide. Notwithstanding the fact that the movie ended up being the third highest grossing movie of all time, Potter fans are not exactly in mood for a success party with a harsh reality looming before them. Is this the end of the extraordinary adventure of Harry Potter?

Harry Potter made him rich! Daniel Radcliffe is laughing about his multi million dollar bank account.

Daniel Radcliffe's laughter makes the girls go crazy!

It’s very hard not to become a fan of this fantasy. It’s equally hard and also bewildering to imagine that such vivid details of an extremely complicated world of virtual reality can be contained inside a single head.  J.K. Rowling’s unique depiction of the usual and often overused struggle of good vs. evil is truly an extraordinary feat. The world of Harry Potter has everything that an ordinary reader or audience can relate with, but of course with some magical touches. This astonishing blend of reality and fiction is what makes Harry Potter simply irresistible. She may have her fair share of critics who question her literary genius but nobody can possibly deny the worldwide impact of Potter’s spells.

When plans for the first Harry Potter movie were unveiled, literary fans were initially doubtful of the consequences. However, Potter’s venture into the world of motion pictures ended up getting an overwhelming reception all over the world. Subsequently more movies were released and none disappointed the fans and critics. Where cinematic depictions of some other literary classics are often criticized for injustice to the original materials, Harry Potter movies actually reversed the trend. With an excellent cast spearheaded by Daniel Radcliffe as the unassuming protagonist, aided by his loyal friend Hermione Gringer (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), the movies not only proved to be critical and commercial success but further intensified the craze for this literary masterpiece. Many consider the Harry Potter series as worthy competitor to the cinematic classics like ‘The Lord of the Rings- Trilogy’, based on J.J.R. Tolkien’s literary masterpiece.

But now that the literary and cinematic milestones have been created and celebrated, it’s probably time to say goodbye to an unforgettable adventure of bravery and friendship. This is going to harsh on fans and writer alike. Though the character of Harry will remain in the bookshelf forever and remembered as the boy who lived, it will be interesting for us to see how actors like Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling herself will adapt to a world outside the grandeur of Potter wizardry.

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