Scandal at the Palace: Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy had Queen Elizabeth II make a shocking decision. Why is Camilla Parker-Bowles angry?

by Alina Andropov on January 13, 2013

Kate Middleton and Queen ElisabethIf we are going to believe the latest issue of U.S. magazine “Globe”, it seems that Queen Elizabeth II is dying and that Prince Charles officially out of the race for the throne and the next is her grandson Prince William.
On the cover of the January 7 American tabloid reigns of a lame letters: “It’s official!Dying Queen makes Prince William King”
It seems that Queen made ??the decision shocking for her son, Charles, thanks to Kate Middleton pregnancy.
According to the same publication,the Queen Have said to Duchess of Cambridge : “You have filled my last days with joy.” It seems that all the painful fertility treatments that Kate made deserved in the end. Duchess not only made happy her husband and his grandmother, but also gave checkmate her rival, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Ever since her stepson, William, married a commoner girl, Camilla tried desperately to manipulate the Queen in favor of her husband, Prince Charles.
Fortunately, however, the Queen remained firmly in position and decided to replace her son’s wife adultery and more popular couple William, Kate. Some have said that it’s possible that Queen use  Kate’s pregnancy as an excuse to ensure that unpleasant wife Camilla will never reach the throne.

Now that the sources cited by the “Globe” say the Queen’s official decision, we can expect an angry reaction from Camilla and Charles. And William and Kate would do well to be on guard against these unscrupulous people.

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