Scandalous gesture. A kid has put her virginity up for sale on the Internet to help her mother

by Alina Andropov on January 9, 2013

Rebecca Selling Her Virginity On The Internet

Sellers and children who go to school in this town in Brazil often accustomed to point fingers and giggle Rebecca, when young girl hurried passes by. Unwanted attention, writes CNN began when young girl posted a clip on YouTube.

Wearing a sleeveless pink top and standing in front of a mirror that shows out of profile while talking, she announces to the camera: “Hi, my name is Rebecca. I am here to sell my virginity.”
Later, she told CNN that she did this desperate act, because she wanted to help her mother. Catarina had heard Migliorini, a Brazilian woman who sold her virginity for 780,000 dollars on an Australian site. Migliorini has not yet completed “transaction” and Brazil researching the issue, while many are asking whether it is trafficking. In any case, Migliorini was fully publicized and received modeling contracts, including offer to make a foto session in Playboy Brazilian version.

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