SD Mayor in Heat – Aaron Hernandez Stuck in Hell – President Obama Gets Help from Russia WTF

by Jackson Vanderbilt on September 24, 2013

Bob FilnerThe latest news on Mayor Big Bob – no pun intended, but big Bob Filner is now labeled a as a serial sexual harassment specialist.  I just heard that on NPR Radio down here in San Diego.. Man… The news story goes like this.. The women are better off for sure when they come out in numbers.. As 4 started back a few months ago and the backers are up to 18 women.. More power to you ladies…


nfl_a_aaron-hernandez_mb_300From a super star TE to man in Hell in less than 3 months.. Aaron Hernandez has been stripped of all his prized possession, his house, his money, his pictures at the University of Florida, Gillette Stadium, and even at the Pro football Hall of Fame…  Amazing that this dude got away with so much miss-doings.. Still the adults are running away from this guy.. got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.. Sad for the adults to put this dude in Hell..

la-ln-weho-stoli-vodka-boycott-20130726-001President Obama got free pass this past week from the Russians allowing him to again be the big man at the UN this week.. He gets to play with the  Iranians,address the NSA Issues and Mr. Snowden  still a thorn in his ass, and add some more comments on the Syrian issues… A full week for President Obama.  I have to admit he’s got to be happy this week to have Mr. Putin in his corner… NOT REALLY… Can’t trust him. Would YOU.  I”m not sure what’s worse, the bulling US Congress, or Power hungry Vodka drinking Dictator? WTF…  You tell me.



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