Sergio Aguero Scores 2 Goals For Manchester City In 30 Minutes

by Howard K. Smith on July 27, 2011

Picture of Sergio Aguero Manchester City

Sergio Aguero

The teeming fans of Manchester City are still swooning from the magic performance of Sergio Aguero, a relatively new signup to the ailing club who scored two magical goals within minutes of coming into the game.

Aguero changed the face of game and a new excitement flooded the team when he scored his first goal barely eight minutes into the game. And before anyone could recover from the excitement of that goal, he had slammed another punch into the net to make his second goal within 30 minutes. He played in the second half of the Manchester City against Swansea City for a total of 31 minutes, but it was a feature debut performance that has won him the hearts of many fans from across the world.

Sergio Aguero came into Manchester City from the Atletico Madrid in a summer signing that was worth £38, and his brilliant display and performance have calmed the nerves of sports lovers that Manchester City would not fare worse at all following the skills of brilliant players like Carlos Tevez. The 23-year old Aguero is pretty new to England and only trained with the team for only 10 days before the historic game at the newly restructured Etihad stadium. Many fans and sports lovers are now looking up to him to fare better in the upcoming winter season in England and really hope that he would get away with the kinds of field stunts and goals he is known for in Italy and Argentina, where he is known for direct and spectacular goal performances.

Funny enough, Carlos Tevez was not on seat to watch the game of this young player who had been brought in to replace his compatriot. But analysts and fans are very much excited at the prospect of Sergio Aguero playing along great Manchester City players Tevez, Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko in games that would speedily restore the fading glory of the team. And in fact, some sports lovers are looking forward to the prospect of having these players team up together at Bolton on Sunday.

Aguero who now sports the No. 16 jersey for Manchester City scored his first goal when he was brought in to replace Nigel de Jong, who had been injured in the field of play. And thought his being brought in as a replacement in the second half of the game was purely experimental for Mancini, he has earned his respects, with many people looking forward to a rewarding career for him in England.

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