Stupid Bet! He Ate 28 Raw Eggs and Died

by Alina Andropov on January 4, 2013

Photo of Raw EggsA Tunisian aged 20 years made a bet that he can eat 30 raw eggs. The young man fell unconscious to the 28th century egg and died immediately.

Young Tunisian Dhaou Fatnassi made some money betting on whose figure was not disclosed, it is able to swallow raw eggs 30. But after swallowing the 28th raw egg, Dhaou fainted because of stomach pain. He was rushed to hospital, but doctors could not do anything for him.

He Died Young.

While eggs cooked by boiling especially, are a good source of protein for the body, the cruel hand can be a real poison. Raw eggs may contain harmful bacteria, Salmonella, and can cause severe poisoning, writes Daily Mail.
Health experts recommend certain dishes where as mayonnaise or ice cream requires raw eggs, they are pasteurized to eliminate the risk of contamination with harmful bacteria body.

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