The U.S. massacre: Mother attacker, paranoid and obsessed with guns! Friends say that she was preparing herself for The END OF THE WORLD. The child could hear SATANA. The Mother was convinced that it was ANTICHRIST.

January 10, 2013

Friends and family have described Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, as a paranoid woman, they thought that the world was on the brink of economic collapse violently. It seems that she was struggling hard not to crack mentally and lately she had stocks of water, food and weapons in his home, a house that he shared […]

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Boo from the crowd. Increase and decay:
Pop Queen sparked ANGER FANS

January 2, 2013

Worshiped, loved, rounds of applause … It seems the dubbed, among other women, Chameleon (due dexterity that has adapted over time musical trends) are the lead times of brightness. As noted in the Western press, Madonna accumulate failure after failure in the relationship with the fans, the latest tour, “MDNA”. Located in South America, the […]

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Student Debt Bubble

August 5, 2011

In as much as I don’t like being gloomy and spreading bad vibe to everyone around me, this really got me to a new low. With the way things are going there seems like there’s nothing to smile about. With student loan debt getting higher and higher each and every year as figures provided by […]

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A Reason To Celebrate Or Not?

July 15, 2011

Recently president Obama’s administration announced that the U.S. will now focus its deportation efforts on illegal immigrants with criminal records or those who pose a threat to national security. The new rules outline ways for those facing deportation, but having no criminal record, to remain in the U.S. and even apply for a work permit. […]

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