Scandalous gesture. A kid has put her virginity up for sale on the Internet to help her mother

January 9, 2013

Sellers and children who go to school in this town in Brazil often accustomed to point fingers and giggle Rebecca, when young girl hurried passes by. Unwanted attention, writes CNN began when young girl posted a clip on YouTube. Wearing a sleeveless pink top and standing in front of a mirror that shows out of […]

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Keeping Away From The Kardashians

September 10, 2011

Every story has a loophole, every innovation some by-products. Revolution of popular media has transformed the way we think and behave. Knowingly, unknowingly the media is dictating our lifestyle and beliefs. It doesn’t actually matter what the real purpose of media is because ultimately nothing is obsolete. Things change, technologies evolve and we blend in. […]

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Jobs Are Everywhere

August 13, 2011

No, this article is not about any get rich quick schemes and better yet not about how to rob a bank. What I present here may be things that never crossed your mind and things you would not consider as jobs even if they slapped you in the face. These weird jobs as I would […]

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