The U.S. massacre: Mother attacker, paranoid and obsessed with guns! Friends say that she was preparing herself for The END OF THE WORLD. The child could hear SATANA. The Mother was convinced that it was ANTICHRIST.

January 10, 2013

Friends and family have described Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, as a paranoid woman, they thought that the world was on the brink of economic collapse violently. It seems that she was struggling hard not to crack mentally and lately she had stocks of water, food and weapons in his home, a house that he shared […]

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The Aliens Are Never Coming…

September 9, 2011

Staring at infinity into the depth of night sky, it’s inevitable for a thought to creep into our mind that we are not alone. The apparent loneliness of human civilization in the universe is indeed mystifying. As it has been put in popular literature; to imagine human civilization alone in this infinity is to cultivate […]

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Conspiracy Theories On The September 9/11 Incidence

July 22, 2011

The American people are not fools, and cannot be fooled lightly. The American peoples are among the most inquisitive race of peoples on earth, and this has propelled them to be advanced more than any nation in almost every sphere of human and societal endeavor. Yes, the September 9/11 again. This incidence has come and […]

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