Doctor Seussville in DC.. The next President wanna be. Bull Shit. Slavery in 2013 Just Look at the NCAA They Own you.!!!

September 28, 2013

  I’m sick of the friggin News this week…. The 99% ers, have to deal with the bull shit of Some Friggin A Hole  named Tom Cruz that takes up 21 Friggin hours of talk on the floor of Congress, speeches, commentaries, maybe a few letters from concerned citizens, but overall making a mockery of […]

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Always Late With Bills? Read On!

August 22, 2011

“Man is to err” or “err is to man”, whoever said that was right but didn’t know the implications of the same. In this particular context it becomes a costly affair to be constantly late with paying your bills, the electricity, water, loan repayment, mortgage, you name it. The list just goes on and on. […]

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Student Debt Bubble

August 5, 2011

In as much as I don’t like being gloomy and spreading bad vibe to everyone around me, this really got me to a new low. With the way things are going there seems like there’s nothing to smile about. With student loan debt getting higher and higher each and every year as figures provided by […]

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