At just 23 years old, a Grammy-nominated Mexican singer has already done 19 plastic surgeries. See how she looks!

January 14, 2013

Belinda Peregrin Schüll is a real sensation in Mexico, where she has a successful career in both music and television. It seems that beauty is not due entirely singer her genetic heritage. Belinda was born in Spain, where she emigrated with her parents in Mexico when she was 5. At only 10 years old, little […]

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Scandalous gesture. A kid has put her virginity up for sale on the Internet to help her mother

January 9, 2013

Sellers and children who go to school in this town in Brazil often accustomed to point fingers and giggle Rebecca, when young girl hurried passes by. Unwanted attention, writes CNN began when young girl posted a clip on YouTube. Wearing a sleeveless pink top and standing in front of a mirror that shows out of […]

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5 Ways To Understand How People Think

January 7, 2013

Did you happen to have a quarrel with your boyfriend and because of some stupid reasons you two broke up? Now you are sad, you feel sorry for everything you have told him and it seems like there is nothing left to say except for tears to be shed. You surely need 5 ways to […]

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Morbid obesity and weight loss 165 pounds. See what exercises did!

January 1, 2013

When she entered the reality show “My 600 lb Life” Ashley weighed 272 pounds and suffered from morbid obesity. But she didn’t even come close to this fat man. With a strong will and hard work, she managed to lose 165 pounds over 7 years. Ashley has struggled with obesity all her life. With a poor relationship […]

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How To Attract Men Using Body Language

December 30, 2012

Body language has always been an important source of information and if you are wise enough to pay attention to everything that a man or a woman can tell you without saying any single word, you will be surprised about how many interesting things you can find out! You will not believe your eyes when […]

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Trey Songz in a CAT fight!

August 31, 2011

This must have been embarrassing for the artist. Being involved in a cat fight? No he wasn’t physically involved in it, but I am sure that he really got embarrassed. Picture this; you and your new girlfriend out on a date. Everything seems to go perfectly; you and her are getting along quite well. You […]

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The Lesbian Tales

August 28, 2011

Maybe it’s just me or I’m definitely right on this one. What would two divas be up to by moving in with each other? This is no farce, believe me on this one. Reports say that Nicki Minaj and Rihanna moved in with each other just recently. I’m left here wandering, what might have gone […]

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Player Circle – Dating Hot Chicks

August 27, 2011

Remember the saying that faint heard never won a fair lady. I’m saying a player’s heart wins every lady. Fortunately I won’t be revealing my name on this article, since I might be a victim of circumstances when I go for the kill when I’ve just met a pretty lady. Okay, a bit of history […]

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Early Puberty

August 18, 2011

Remember those science classes on sexual maturity with all the signs of someone maturing in this aspect. Nowadays it is developing at a much earlier age that ever. According to studies that use mortality data to estimate a young man’s peak testosterone – driven phase of risky behaviour. According to this estimate, boys have been […]

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Retire at 20

August 6, 2011

No you didn’t read the heading wrongly. The heading for sure got your attention due to some obvious reasons. The word retirement which means the period of a person’s life during which he or she is no longer working or the commencement of that period. It is usually associated with a white haired ninety year […]

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