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OSU Players got Paid to Play..WTF The Johnny Manziel’s football Circus.. WTF Did Syria really Gas their Own People.. For Real or Not

September 13, 2013

Are You Kidding Me WTF…. and let me say it one more Time… WTF      Look at the News Media… ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,FOX, and now we have ESPN reporting on a SI Investigative report on OSU Cowboys allegations of wide scale hanky panky not so cool practices which equals out to some shady business practices to […]

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A Lynching in San Diego by the Ladies of San Diego! Well Done

August 24, 2013

I’m so sorry Mr. Filner that you are leaving your Post as Mayor.  NOT…           Congratulations to the 18+ Ladies of San Diego and the tremendous supporters of the cause to get rid of this disease, crook, numskull, brainless, looser and most notably “ a sexual harassment-arian”.  Take note: That’s not […]

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The Military We think of Men mostly. Today the Military may perform Gender Change procedures? Who pays of that? What…. I’m confused

August 22, 2013

Thank you Mr, or Miss Manning for giving us a feeling there’s something really wrong with how the Military finds it recruits. Sorry ladies, I didn’t want to leave you out of this Headline, but I personally have so much respect for the Ladies of the Military then the men. I know you’ve had to […]

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