Bored, So friggin’ Bored Today! I’ll just Shoot Someone in the Back! Bored

August 21, 2013

Boredoms!! Man, I’m bored out of my Gourd, I think I’ll just fix that by Killing someone and to have some fun “Shoot him in the Back”  I’m not bored anymore. Hello World Here we are.  Dumb Shits or ??? (I’m Out of Logical Words)  Sorry Dumb Shits is probably a bit harsh. The ??? […]

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The U.S. massacre: Mother attacker, paranoid and obsessed with guns! Friends say that she was preparing herself for The END OF THE WORLD. The child could hear SATANA. The Mother was convinced that it was ANTICHRIST.

January 10, 2013

Friends and family have described Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, as a paranoid woman, they thought that the world was on the brink of economic collapse violently. It seems that she was struggling hard not to crack mentally and lately she had stocks of water, food and weapons in his home, a house that he shared […]

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T.I. – The Author

August 29, 2011

Just in case you haven’t heard, T.I is working on a book. I was also surprised at first, I even laughed at the whole thing. Don’t get confused now, I am a huge T.I fan, but I just couldn’t stop thinking on what he would write in his book. The rapper, who is currently serving […]

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